UN in Blue

I have been spending so much time at the UN lately. We are in the middle of intense debates and endless meetings on the issues related to decolonization. For the last three week, I spend my 10-6, sometimes even more, at this headquarters.

As much as I was tied up with works (oh all those piles of documents and reports), I need some time off just to clear my mind.

Good thing that the UN Headquarters is beautifully situated at the banks of the East River.

I just need to get out of the building.
Look ahead, look up and inhale.
What a glorious blue sky.
What a beautiful day.
How blessed I am...

Works will always be there.
Waiting for you... 
With its consuming hands, draining your energy,- and sometimes happiness, too.


But whenever you know when to stop...
To pause for a while..
To have a quick break for more precious things in your life...

Then life will always be filled with new hopes and spirit.

Hope, a gift from Latvia to the United Nations

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the lovely sky from all over the world :)


  1. The sky is so pretty! It's been sun glaring here. We've had 100 degree temps in Nebraska.

    1. It's hot as well here in NYC, making my Ramadhan a bit tricky :)

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  3. Langitnya cantik banget mama bo.. Kayak lukisan


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