Happy Ifthar from New York City

The Holy month of Ramadhan is here and my Rabb has bestowed upon us the strength, spirit and insya Allah commitment to continue worshiping the Almighty.

As you know, Ramadhan is a super special month for us muslim. It is the solemn month of gratitude, forgiveness, self-control and sincerity.

In thirty days, we thrive to get closer to our Creator, hoping nothing but Allah SWT's forgiveness and continued blessings.

We are now entering the last days of Ramadhan and  we were priviledged to join Ifthar held by the Indonesian Muslim Community in New York.
It's a happy Ifthar from New York City!

Do you know what Ifthar is?
Ifthar is the time when we gather to break the fasting together. Such a merry time as we share happiness and compassion with our brothers and sisters over great food, wonderful time and more religious insights.

Back home in Indonesia, Ifthar or buka bersama has become sort of a ritual or tradition during Ramadhan. We usually plan a few Ithars with different groups of friends. Usually they do it in malls and restaurants. But here, we do it at the Mosque, which, to me, is much more appropriate.

As previous years, we conducted the Ifthar at Al-Hikmah Mosque in Astoria, Long Island City. Although it belongs to the Indonesian Muslim Community, but the mosque is of course open for every muslim brothers and sisters. We have many Bangladeshis, Egyptians, Pakistanis, and even local Americans and more joining us at the Mosque.

Young and old, people were coming to the mosque to join Ifthar.

Obi together with Alaia and Bebe :)

It was indeed a great moment to strengthen our friendship with the big Indonesian family in New York. I notice that even some of them are coming from Long Island and further places.

That Saturday, my office was responsible to provide the snacks, food and drinks for ifthar. 

It's another great example of sharing as at the Mosque, every day during Ramadhan, ifthar is actually provided. People and institutions are taking turns in providing food and beverages for those who are fasting. It's our conviction that providing food and drink for them is one of the great deeds that Allah SWT loves.

So, that afternoon, my kids and I were arriving early at the Mosque to help preparing Ifthar. We usually packed the snacks for ta'jil on the spot and arranged all the food for dinner.

As we were expecting many people joining us, we prepared for 500 packages. Gladly I was helped by so many friends and colleagues from the office so we could prepare everything speedily.

happy big family

For the snack, we had caramel cake and tofu fritters. Of course, in accordance with Rasulullah Muhammad SAW sunnah, we provided dates as well. To quench our thrist, we had cantaloup drinks, that is a cocktail of sugary sirup and sweet cantaloup. Fresh fruit were also abundant.

super fresh...

So we broke our fast at dusk, when Maghrib prayer is calling. We usually just swifthly take our drink and have a couple bites of the snack and pray first. Afther Maghrib prayer, we start to have the real meal.

What's for dinner?
Delicious Indonesian food indeed.
What we had that night was gule kambing - or lamb soup in coconut milk, super popular dish indeed; sayur tumis or vegetables stir-fry; ayam kecap or chicken with sweet soy sauce; balado telur or spicy fried eggs; perkedel jagung or sweet corn fritters; and mie goreng or fried noodles and halal chicken fingers for kids. Not to mention our famous condiments, sambal or chili sauce and kerupuk or shrimp/garlic crackers.

super yuuum

You can see by the look of it how delicious the food was and considering that we fast for almost 17 hours, everything surely tastes good :). No wonder we have long queues in both men and women sides.

alhamdulillah..it's full :)

at the women's table

It was such a lovely atmosphere as you exchange news and views over great Indonesian food. I sincerely hope this tradition will be continuously upheld. It all reminded me of home and how it warmed my heart.

After the meal, we continue with Isya prayer and taraweh. Again, all is seeking for Allah's continued blessings and forgiveness, nothing more.

Happy Ifthar from New York City!

May Allah SWT grant us all nothing but the best in the years to come and insya Allah, we will meet again in the next Ramadhan.

Merci ya Rabb.

Have you joined Ifthar before?
What do you like best form this activity? 


  1. Alhamdulillah we were given the chance to join this gathering..

  2. is everything allowed for eating at Iftar during Ramadhan, or just some special food?

    1. All is allowed as long as they are halal, Dezmond ;)

  3. ahh mak indah manglingiiin :D
    serunyaa yang makan2

  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post. Wish I can join you for iftar there. Salam Lebaran for you and family..

  5. wah Obi bajunya keren , warnanya juga. selamat puasa ya, ehbentar lagi lebaran

  6. Bukbeerr, tradisi jug di mari, ramadhan pasti banyak acara bukber, biasanya rame malah di resto. Klo di sana malah masak2 sndiri ya mama bo? Kagen masakan Indonesia pasti kaan

  7. Huaaa seru ya mbak, buka bersama disana. Rame2 dgn sodara setanah air dan makanannya buanyaaakkkkk.

  8. aku tuh pengeeen bgt ngerasain puasa dan berbuka di negara yg bukan mayoritas muslim begini :).. pgn tau sperti apa rasanya.. :D.. pasti beda bgt ya mba.. apalagi nemu makanan negara sendiri yg jarang2 ada :D.. duuuh, nikmatnya berkali2 lipat

  9. What a lovely way to come together and celebrate your faith with good food and good people. Quite an amazing event, indeed!

  10. We have friends here that were celebrating this. It's great to celebrate with food, fun, family and friends.

  11. We have friends here that were celebrating this. It's great to celebrate with food, fun, family and friends.


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