Throwback Tuesday: Cinque Terre in a glimpse

Imagine this.
One beautiful starry night.
We walked along Via Dell'Amore, the path of love. serenaded  by the melodious sound of the waves as they gloriously meet the rocks at the shore, I was holding hands with Bo and my hubby, who were pushing Obi's stroller.

So serene.
So beautiful.

Manarola, seen and captured by my hubby, Rudi :)

It was Easter Break 2011.
On our last months in Geneve, Switzerland. Obi was about to be 6 months when we decided to 'abuse' our last spring break in Europe before heading back to Indonesia in summer. So, we searched for the nearby cities with fabulous landscapes and we found these strings of 5-city which have been included as the UNESCO world heritage villages. Five beautiful cities in a row? Why not.

The fact that Obi was 5 months old didn't stop us from planning this joyful trip.
And we did :).

It took around 6-7 hours drive from Geneva.
Taking Mont Blanc tunnel, we drove around the scenic route and stayed in La Spezia for 2 nights. From there, the visit to the villages of Cinque Terre is very managable. We bought the ticket for entering the villages and took the train to go there.

A lot to see for sure, as we strolled around those 5 UNESCO-world-heritage villages.

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore.

Here come our lovely memories in Cinque Terre, Italy...

Four of us really enjoyed our time...

Having light lunches near the sea, fantastic seafood for dinner in those local rustic restaurants, and endless photo sessions for sure. Most of the time Udi, my hubby, was behind the camera. While I took some as well, as I just couldn't stop admiring the surroundings. So many beautiful things to see.
The art works, the colorful houses, beautiful landscapes.
Truly the feast for our eyes!

We walked around Via Dell"Amore.
Hiked in the olives trees trail.
Sat under the sun.
Relaxed by the sea and the rocks under the sun.
Bought some local fruits and stuff.
Laughed and enjoyed the bond of our petite famille.


Still from Manarola...

Well, it was another beautiful journey indeed.
And memorable.
I sincerely hope the kids would also remember that.
The warm and reassuring heart, as we strolled along Cinque Terre, hand in hand.

Obi was sleeping so it was just the 3 of us :)

What memories that you'd like to share today?


  1. I don't think I could ever grow tired of exploring the villages. Your pictures are so lovely and make me wish for a trip there myself!

    1. These villages are lovely indeed, Theresa. We were having a blast indeed

  2. foto yg paling atas itu... bener2 indah :)

  3. Those colorful buildings are amazing. I'd love to visit there. I bet by the end of the day you were tired from walking all over. It sure does look like fun!

    1. Indeed we were so tired.. But happy to explore all the 5 villages

  4. tempat2 yg terlihat 'tua' begini nih yg aku paling suka datangin ^o^.. lebih tenang, apalagi ada suara ombak memcah batu gitu.. ga kebayang bangun tidur lgs disuguhi pemandangan spektakuler begitu

  5. Angle angle fotonya kereen, nanti mau nyontek kalo ngetrip lagii

  6. Aaaak pengen banget belajar motret sama Bapak Udiii 😁😁😁
    Btw, itu Obi masyaAllah lucunyaaaaaa. Ginuk2. Hihihi.

    1. Hihihi.. Ntar kalau udah di Jakarta kita hunting foto bareng yaaa

  7. Hiiish! Iriiii...cakeep beneeer iiih. . .
    Btw, itu adiknya Obi, ya? Hahahaha

  8. Malam yg indah, seperti mimpiku melihat gemerlap lampu2 itu...

  9. feels like going back there. I kinda miss it :)

  10. Beautiful photos and a wonderful place to visit!! ;)

  11. Beautiful indeed mbak. Don't ever loose those photos. So priceless.


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