The many corners of Cinque Terre, Italy

Apparently, I still can't get enough of telling you the story of our trip, years ago, 
to Cinque Terre.
Some episodes have been spilled on Throwback Tuesday, Cinque Terre in a glimpse.

But guess what...
Just found that I have many more photos (surprise surprise :)) 
depicting the beauty of mother nature along Liguria coastline if Italy.

And the sky....

Vastly stretched above our heads.
Constantly changing colors, but never the beauty.

Remind us how small we are...

Amidst the grand masterpiece of our Creator. 

I hope you enjoy Cinque Terre, and its mesmerizing vibes, as much as we do :)

we were enjoying lunch right next to it...

on our way up to the hill...

look at that rugged cliffs...

locking our love in Via del'Amore :)

till our next trip :)

Join us on Skywatch Friday and as always, you will have the fantastic snaps of the skies from all over the world.

Check out more of my stories at #Steller :)


  1. very nice view..very nice picture...very nice kiddos

  2. Wow,.. amazing pict, sometimes I hope can taked some pict like u on the same place

  3. Steller mama bo kereen, terutama yg wastra & antelope!

  4. I enjoyed looking at those beautiful photos and a nice place to visit!

  5. I've been looking many photos of Cinque Terre by kepo on cabin crew's IG LOL. And yes, that place est très magnifique ��

  6. Itu waktu pembangunannya gimana ya?

  7. All the colors of Italy I could stare at all day! Such beauty to be had at every corner, it seems.

  8. Pantesann stellernya mama Bo melesat tajam bak roket ya :) karena disupport foto2 mama Bo yang emang spektakuler (hikss sayang xiaomired 2 gak kompatible dengan steller)


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