PEARLASIA, Anniesa Hasibuan for 2016 Couture New York Fashion Week

And amidst the freezing and windy winter days, New York City will once again feel the heat from 2016 Couture New York Fashion Week from 12 - 14 February 2016.
And I just can't wait :).
Saya memang pecinta fashion. 
I am not a self-declared fashionista but I love everything about it, especially when it comes to the wastra nusantara or our traditional fabrics, geniously mixed with Indonesian designs.
Just like the previous year, Couture New York Fashion Week will be filled once again with those incredible haute-couture pieces that will make your jaws drop.
I was lucky enough to get a reserved seat last year for Diana Couture and it was an impressive show. Last spring we have 3 designers from Indonesia and after the big shows in Crowne Plaza Times Square, we had the open trunk show at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in New York. Again, all those beautiful dresses invited endless claps and admiration from the audience.

And now, we have the 23rd session of the Couture New York Fashion. Starting from 12 -14 February 2016, this highly anticipated show is once again showcasing some fabulous haute-couture dresses created by designers from different parts of the world. Including Indonesia.

So, New York, please welcome Anniesa Hassibuan...
are you ready :)
Anniesa Hasibuan and her breathtaking designs for this winter season, PEARLASIA, is ready make a big bang in 2016 Couture New York Fashion Week .

Remember Anniesa Hasibuan?
I wrote about her before when she came to New York with Sasikirana, Anniesa Hasibuan's Masterpiece for New York Couture Fashion Week 2015. Obviously her talents and passion for intricate and elegant royal touch is graciously translated into her dresses.
Wanna see some?

Here's a sneak peek of the exquisite PEARLASIA by Anniesa Hasibuan.

Kecantikan alam Indonesia yang luar biasa, khususnya kekayaan lautnya, menjadi inspirasi Anniesa Hasibuan kali ini. Lombok, yang telah mencuri hati banyak orang, termasuk saya, memang terkenal sejak dulu dengan mutiara alamnya yang cantik dan bermutu tinggi. Dan kecantikannya bisa kita lihat di dua desain yang akan ditampilkan dalam 2016 Couture New York Fashion Week. Intip yuk seperti apa...

Semua foto berasal dari akun instagram @anniesahasibuanofficial.

it reminds me of Elsa :)

So amazingly out of this world, right.
I just love the blinking details over pastel soft layers of fabrics. Pretty...

look at all the details :)

You can see now why I am super excited to see the whole collection.

Don't miss the show on Saturday, February 13th, 2016, 6 PM at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, Manhattan, New York. 

For more information on the tickets and more, you can check it in
Certainly something to look forward to this weekend :).

And wait for more details from the show ...

Can't wait, can't wait ..


  1. It looks like such an amazing show! I hope you take lots of pics to share with us!

  2. SO glamorous. Pasti keren banget ya

  3. kayak princess begitu bajunya, ya :)

  4. Waaaaa keren bangeeet designnya!!!
    Uhhh lengen dateng and liat dehhh ...

  5. Wah, desainnya lux banget, mba.
    Keren deh, jadi terlihat seperti putri yg make.

    1. iya mba..aku pun takjub liat desainnya :)..kereeen abis...

  6. wah keren banget hasil rancangnya ;)

  7. ihiyy, keren bingit itu....aku juga suka tuh mbak nonton pertunjukan fashion, selain cuci mata, nambah ilmu, bisa menghibur diri juga ;))

    1. betul bangeeet mba was great indeed to be in a fashion show :)

  8. Keren banget desainnya. Aku suka warna-warna pastelnya, soft banget dan terlihat elegan.

  9. Luar biasa keren. Mutiara dari Lombok memang cantik dan kualitasnya bagus ya, Mbak. Proud to Anniesa Hasibuan yang mengangkat kekayaan alam Lombok, Indonesia tercinta

  10. Mewah banget ya dengan pearl
    Regone yo mesti larang

  11. Iyaa yg biru ngingetin sama elza frozen....what a beautifull!!! Keren bgt ya desaigner Indonesia ituuu

  12. Iyaa yg biru ngingetin sama elza frozen....what a beautifull!!! Keren bgt ya desaigner Indonesia ituuu

  13. Lombok itu emang yaaa... udahlah tenunnya cuantik banget.. kilang mutiara pula.. pun makanannya enak enak semuaaa hahahahaha

  14. sudah kelilhatan kok mbak kalau pecinta fashion. pecinta ungu pula ya

  15. harganya selangit pasti ya mbak satu gaunnya

  16. Kiprah disainer Indonesia sudah mendunia


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