Frozen sky

Many of us here in NYC are still looking at piles of snow here and there. It can be a bit messy and squishy.

But again I have to admit that the frozen sky is really fascinating.

And I'm lucky enough to capture this endless beauty right after the storm.
My favorite spot? 
Yes, you're right... Astoria Park :).

Amidst the lines of trees, you will see happy flocks of people sliding down the slopes in this lovely park. Excitement is in the air, judging from the loud cries and endless laughter filling the sky.

No wonder the park was packed till sundown. 
Looks like we're a bit hesitant to end this fun-filled beautiful day. 

Till we meet again, frozen sky...

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beautiful sky wherever you are


  1. Hello, pretty series of sky shots. It is cold here too. Have a happy weekend!

    1. Thank you Eileen .. It's cold but beautiful indeed..

  2. Melihat salju dimana-mana.... putih dimana-mana... sepertinya menyenangkan ya, untuk sesaat. Soalnya tetap lebih indah memandang hijau dimana-mana ya Mama Bo hehehe

  3. Ranting pohonnya..keren bangetttt... Subhanallah....

  4. cakep foto2nya kak...
    kapan ya bisa ke sana juga :)

  5. Subhanallah. Gak bisa ngomong apa-apa lagi. Luar biasa pemandangannya.

  6. Mbaaa....fotonya cakep banget. Kaya di postcard gitu.

  7. Lama-lama kok jadi pingin ke Astoria Park. Keren!
    Foto Astoria Park di blog Mama Bo ini lumayan banyak :D

  8. Masya Allah tempatnay bagus gini mbak

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