WW: New York Transit Museum in Holiday Season

Holiday season is indeed everywhere, including in New York Transit Museum.

tuuut tuuuut...red train is coming :)

it's a complete setting :)

Such a festive museum..

look at all those details..

one of the newest one :)

It's fun to see the antique models of the trains,-as well as the new ones,- running through Grand Central all these years. Come and have a look at the New York Transit Museum in Holiday season if you have time :).
Happy holidaaaay ...

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  1. That is awesome and so cute :-)

    Merry Christmas to you :-)

  2. Outstanding banget yaa mbak yang disajikan dalam museum kota NY *bigdreams

  3. tuuut tuuuut...holiday train is cool..

  4. That looks like a really cool museum! I especially love all the lights on the ceiling!

  5. That is so cool! I had no idea this existed. I need to get there the next time I am down that way!


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