It's a wrap...

Well, this is it..

To a fabulous 2016 :)

2015 is about to kiss us goodbye.
We are still counting down here in NYC by the time I write it :).
How times flies and I haven't even enough time to contemplate of what 2015 has presented. But for sure I am feeling super blessed all year long :).

And no.. This is not my end-of-the-year note, just a little scribble on our last day of the year. But for sure I will summarize my amazing 2015.. If time and my kids allow :).

I still have to go to work and start the day quite normally.
Except for the special heart-shaped pancakes specially ordered by my dearest Obi. 
After a quick morning happy-family moment, off I go to my subway stop.

heart-shaped pancake for the last morning in 2015

I purposely made a stop at Times Square, the intersection of the world, on the way to the office :). And I have to say this particular spot is already packed with people even in the morning. Later at 3, One Times Square will be closed and only open to those having the special ticket. Starting from $129 for general admission only (mind you, just the entry ticket :p, not yet the food etc), I guess I will pass that. I stop calculating if it is for the 4 of us. Besides, the weather won't be that friendly, at least for me 35-degree-C-all-year-long-Indonesian-body :). So, I am happy to make this brief stop before the real count down begin. And cloudy Times Square is quite a view.

Have a fabulous new year, everyone...

shopping at the end of the year? perhaps...

from this tower, the ball will be dropped 

selfie here and there....

The last day of 2015...


Well, my brief stroll in this last day of 2015 is quite refreshing, I have to admit. 
I have been feeling so overwhelmed with works lately so anything out of my routines will always be welcomed. As I look up to the sky, I can't help but smiling.
Somehow I know deep down inside, 2016 will bring another round of happiness, joy, hope as well as more surprises. 

Now, it's a wrap and whatever life brings us, let's embrace it ...
With a big smile in our face...

To a fabulous 201


  1. Happy New Year!! Thanks for always being so encouraging. To a greater 2016 for all of us :)))

  2. Happy new year Mba Indah. Thanks for the NY square on the last day of 2015! :)

  3. happy new year mbak Indah, bahagia dan sehat selalu yaa

  4. Happy New Year, my friend! I hope 2016 brings you lots of love, happiness and good health!

  5. Happy New Year! I hope for all good things to happen to you!

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