A Visit to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Hi, everyone..
Hope you all have a great week.
NYC is surprisingly warm, at least compared to last year. And it certainly gives extra time for me and my family to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. My itchy feet certainly couldn't wait to go places :).

And last week, we went to Tarry town.
One ultimate destination: Sleepy Hollow cemetery.

I don't know exactly when I firstly start developing this new hobby of visiting cemeteries.

Perhaps it all started with that cute photo session at   Taman Prasasti Museum in Jakarta with Bapak Rudi Frakarsa et my dearest partner in crime, Joannes Tandjung :).

Taman Prasasti Memorial park, Jakarta..back in 2012 I guess..

But for sure, I keep bumping myself to those cemeteries here and there. Including this one, Sleepy Hollow.

one historic place indeed..
Sounds familiar?
There's a famous TV series bearing the same name and inspired by the history of this place.
Do you like watching it as well?

Around 45 minutes drive from NYC, we planned to visited many interesting and historical spot in Tarry town but apparently most of the mansions, like the one belong to the Rockefeller clan, are closed for this season already. So we directly headed to this famous spot for headless men and the pretty tombstones.

Where else but a visit to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

By the time we arrived here, it was almost deserted. 
Well, that was around 3 PM on Sunday, so perhaps not many were strolling around in the cemetery like the 4 of us :). But then we saw some people walked, and some cars parked, inside of the complex. Like us, many of them were holding the map and took pictures here and there. So I guess we all were intrigued to see the final resting place of Elizabeth Arden, Washington Irving, Andrew Carnegie, Walter Chrysler and many more. Do those names ring a bell to you? Some do, I suppose.

It is quite a huge complex and the hilly structure of this place make it looks even more serene and beautiful.

Or perhaps, peaceful is more proper.

Tell me what you think..

Do you think it's spooky?

Or serenely beautiful? 

We also managed to peep the famous resident of this complex. 

Uncle Wash..or Washington Irving, who wrote the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is certainly one spot every one is intrigued to see. When I was there, I overheard the group tour explaining about Uncle Wash love life, which involved a fling with Mary Shelley. Yuuup, you're right, she's the author of the famous Frankenstein :).

And down further, the Pocantico river beautifuly snakes along the hilly cemetery complex. 

In one of the spots, we had the headless horseman bridge (marked 'not original') in the map :)) connecting the lower part of the cemetery to the uphill one.

Well, since we were there at almost sunset, it was super cold and became a bit spooky. Surely I didn't join the ghost tour there but happy enough just to walk around and take pictures around.

Psst, btw.. my smartphone got stuck while I was taking picture in Mr. Jones' corner. Simply blank and black screened. I'm pretty much superstitious so I took it as a sign that I had to call it a day :).

So, if you get a chance to visit NYC and are willing to drive around 45 minutes to Tarry Town, don't miss a visit to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do :)

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery 
540 N Broadway, Sleepy Hollow, NY
Opening hours: 8 AM - 4.30 PM (sunset)
No entrance fee


  1. Wah, deket ya mbak? Trus gerejanya mana? Masih penasaran juga dengan tempat perkelahian yang ada kincir anginnya. Setting lokasinya keren banget.

    1. iyaaa dekeet...ada gerejanya tapi aku ngg upload hehehe...lokasi syuting sih ngg semua di sini tapi dibuat mirip :)

  2. pernah nonton brbrp episode saat TV belum rusak hehe..sereman di TV!!

  3. Waaah, aku suka banget sama foto kedua sebelum terakhir mak. Sooo sureal..

  4. Aduh mama bo... Auranya kok gmn gitu liat foto2nya. Ada yg Misterius gitu,terutama di aungainha itu. Tp aku suka langitnyaa. Biruuu

  5. Aku kalau ke tempatnya belum pernah, tapi nonton film Johnny Depp nya pernah, hahaha xD Bagus sekali tempatnya :)

    1. Iya mba...tempatnya memang mistis but eerily beautiful :)

  6. Mbak Indah bagus-bagus fotonya dan iya banget ya, Aku suka yang kek parit itu..hihii,

  7. Bahkan kuburan pun bisa jadi objek foto yang keren. Gak takut, Mak In? :D

    1. iya mba Nia..alhamdulillah ngg takut koook :)..bagus soalnyaaa

    2. Kuburan yang tsakeeep.. jadi setting film pula mbak. Kalo di Indonesia udah ada belum ya TPU yang bisa begitu?

  8. Wah, hapenya jadi blank mak? wuiiihh merindiiinggg

    1. iyaa mak Uniek..aku jadi mikir macem-maceeem hehehehe

  9. Sseerrreeemmm... It reminds me of deathly hollow, novel harry potter mba.. Btw di jakarta juga ada? Woowww.. Baru tau. Namanya taman prasasti berarti untuk umum juga bisa berkunjung donk ya mba?

    1. Bisa banget mba..di Jakarta kan udah ngetop bangeeet Taman Prasasti :)..ayo mampir mba..Ngg sereeem kok..


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