Sambal Goreng Tempe - Indonesian sweet and spicy tempe

Let's continue our culinary experience here in New York City :).

In my kitchen, to be exact.
And as always, I am thrilled to introduce you all to Indonesian food we cook here in our Astoria home.

You know how lovely homey food is and with all the ingredients we have here, I am trying to bring the taste from home to our table.

I have to say we are lucky that NYC is such a melting pot, and Queens, the borough where we live, has more people coming from different parts of the world than the official members of the United Nations :). And that means, authentic ingredients, fresh or packed, are abundant.

Including tempe.
or known here :).
Probably one of the most famous and all-time favorite dish of Indonesians. 

This is what I found in Trader's Joe :)
And tempeh is quite famous as one of the delicious vegan food as it all made of soy.
No wonder wherever I go,  be it in Australia, some countries in Europe and here in NYC, I somehow always find tempeh in the oriental supermarket.
Tempe is basically soy bean cake made using fermentation process. This unique fermentation process make tempe become deliciously yummy and a good source of protein as well. 

So are we going to cook it?
There are many ways to do that. Mostly Indonesians like to deep fry it with flour and traditional spices like bitternut and coriander batter. Some saute it with veggies or seafood and meat or mix it with soup or sayur lodeh, or Indonesian veggie with coconut milk soup.
But, here in my house, sambal goreng tempe is our favorite.
This sweet-and-spice tempe is delicious :)

Let's try it together... 

Here are the ingredients:

1 or 2 packs of tempe - you can find it in the Asian supermarket

 or like here, in Trader Joe's, the organic store.
Onion, or as I prefer, shallot, thinly sliced
Garlic, crushed
Chili, if you like, some sliced some blended into fresh chili sauce
Palm sugar
Galangal, crushed
Salt and sugar as desired
Vegetable oil

some of the ingredients..

Thinly cut tempe into small pieces, lightly rub it with water and salt, deep fry it until it's well cooked, 
brownish and crispy. Put it on paper towel to dry the excessive oil and set it aside.

fresh fried tempe :)

Heat up the skillet and with enough amount of vegetable oil, cook the onion, garlic, galangal and chili until well cooked and fragrant. Put the the crispy fried tempe and mix it well. Add the palm sugar at the end so it won't be sticky and burned. Sprinkle salt and sugar if desired.

And the Indonesian sweet-and-spicy tempe is ready :).

It's best to eat it with a bowl of steamed rice and some fresh vegetables.

feel free to modify this recipe as you wish :).

Some mix it with crunchy potato chips or deep fried tofu as well.

Hope you enjoy it and I'll be back with more Indonesian food to cook.



  1. hiyyyaaa..baru aja sarapan pakai sambal goreng tempe sama pare,aku sukaa banget ini mak,enakkk^^

  2. Ngiler. Membayangkan makan sambel goreng tempe pake nasi putih hangat. Yummm :-9

  3. That does look good! I've never had this before. I want!

    1. I sincerely hope you tried it Alissa.. It's one of my fave :)

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed it does Theresa.. D you have tempe as well down there?

  5. yummy, ga bosen deh saya ma tempe :)

  6. akuuuuu sukaaaa mbaaaaa tempe dimodel opo aeee..cuma bikin sambel goreng tempe ini suka g pas rasanya kalo bikin sendiri enakan beli :p

    1. Hehehe.. Aku kudu buat chaaa.. Yang beli pake MsG kabeeeh :)

  7. This looks so yummy and so flavorful! Love to co-host with you at #OMHGWW!

    1. Thank was great having you in the party as well :)

  8. Tempe memang perlu, dan enak dibacem, hehehe. Pelesetan moto sebuah majalah nasional.
    Mba, tempe itu memang flksibel, dibuat masakan apa saja oke. Aku juga sering bikin yang mirip sambel goreng tempe ini mba.
    hanya masih kutambahkan sedikit kecap


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