#Obi@NYC : one morning in Autumn

I haven't posted this segment for a while now. 
And I have to admit I have sooo many pictures of Obi on her outfit-of-the-day ;). I found it easier to do that for Obi instead of myself ;).

But she is such a big girl now she is not always happy to pose for me. And boy.. She got tons of excuses for not doing that. From the classic "Mom, I'm late for school already.. " to "keep that phone away from me". Well, I guess mommy needs to curb down her obsession with the phone.

It's another story if she's wearing her favorite outfit, though. Like today ;).
She chose the pinky pants and skirt, matched with with and floral top and silvery jacket with pink lining. Ow.. And the boots, with Princess Aurora socks inside. 

And there she was.. Bringing her purple Frozen bag and blue lion lunch box.

Yup, that's my girl ..

Obi was wearing Gap white, flowery top, H&M knitted pinky skirt, 
Oshkosh b'gosh pinky pants, Uniqlo light warm padded parka in silver and pink,
Disney's socks and Stride Ride brown leather boots.

One happy autumn morning indeed...

How's your morning? :)


  1. Obiii cantiknyaaa...met bersenang-senang yaa di sekolah :*

  2. Bootnya Obi cantik sekali. Apalagi di pakai Obi dengan semua out fitnya...she look so great!

  3. Such a cute outfit and a pretty girl! Love the whole look!

  4. She's so cute! How sweet! I love skirts on little girls!

  5. She's pretty in pink, and also ready for her day, with her boots on! =)

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