Welcome to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC #2 Islam

Hellooo and welcome back...

As I have promised before, I will get back with some more stories and details about the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. I feel like there are so many details that are too good to pass. And as we are in the middle of Ramadhan, the holy month for Muslims all over the world, I feel like sharing some segments of the AMNH about Islam.

So let's see what we have here :)..

Awalnya saya tidak menyangka ada bagian khusus yang menampilkan Islam  di American Museum of Natural History ini, karena saya pikir akan banyak display mengenai alam dan kekayaannya. But of course I was wrong.. Dan display mengenai Islam sangat menarik lho, bahkan buat saya yang juga muslim.

Being part of the Gardner D. Stout Hall of the Asian Peoples, we found many interesting facts about the journey of Islam in many parts of the world. Especially in the beginning of the 7th century onwards. Even for a moslem like myself, I feel priviledged to know and learn more about Islam here in this museum.

Some of the artifacts being shown are hand-written Al- Quran, the holy Koran, that was found and brought from Africa. Some other artifacts, the old ones I should say, including elaborated swords and handicrafts can be witnessed here as well. One that caught my attention was the sword and something that looks like a club to me. 

As it says on the display, "Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia harbor relics of a cult of crocodile scabbards for ritual swords and knives...".  So the scabbard was made of crocodile . I have to say it looked like on as well :). Interesting... Have a closer look...

Do you see the croc in there..

On the same area, we also have more display of  the chart of Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) and the Kulafaur Rashyidin, or the great khalifah after Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH) passed away.

There is sort of an introduction of the architecture of mosque and its minaret (tower), mihrab (niche) and courtyard. It makes me miss the many beautiful mosques we have back home.

And the music of Islam... How's that for another interesting  face of Islam. 
Too bad I didn't really catch the details of it. Do you see any familar musical instruments here? 

Another colorful spot we have here is about women of Islam. 
Some traditional yet beautiful costumes from different part of the Islamic countries  are there to see. Love to see them.. So elaborated and fashionable. Some even looks like haute couture to me :)...

Women of Islam

As we walked along the hall, we found the replica of the pillars and the windows of La Alhambra's famous Nasrid Palace. I just remembered our own journey to this amazing place of La Alhambra as I shared here.

I found this part of the displays very informative. Not only for us Muslims who like to know more about the journey of Islam in many parts of the world, including here in the US, but also those who are not familiar about this religion.
The basic 5 pillars of Islam, for example, is also explained here.

it was a bit dark but the information is clear..

And the display is superb as well...
Clearly depicting  the Islamic spirit and cultures ... 
in beautiful patterns and bright colors :).

I took all the photos using my smartphone, so some of them are not very clear.

This very segment also displays the rise of other religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. 

So, what do you think? Do you find this part as interesting as I do?

American Museum of Natural History  (AMNH)
Central Park West, 79th Street, New York City, New York, 10024-5192
Phone: +1 212 7695100
Open daily from 10 AM - 5.45 PM, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas 


  1. Barang-barang yang di koleksi museumnya terbilang antik yah.

    1. Iyaaa... Memang koleksi tua banget.. Wqlaupun aku pernah liat yang lebih tua lagi di Mesir hehe

  2. Penasaran sama buayanya �� serem

  3. asyiknya ya mbak disana museumnya keren2

  4. Itu yg keramik itu... Canteeq!

  5. Itu kayaknya pakaian perempuan Turki ya mbak?

  6. itu peninggalan semua ya mabk? terawat uapikkk ya kalo disana

  7. How awesome :)
    Bagus banget museumnya ^^

  8. This looks like a really interesting exhibit. Some of those artifacts are really beautiful!

  9. kertasnya ampe lusuh gitu ya mak...sepertinya udah tua banget umurnya...

  10. Warisan sejarah yang tak ternilai.

  11. ternyata ada museum tentang islam juga di sana. Menarik banget, Mak :)

  12. Aku ngak suka ke museum kak, aku cepet move on hahaha

  13. Some of the designs on the artifacts are so intricate, it's just fascinating to even get a glimpse of them through your lens! Thanks for sharing with us today!

  14. This is one of my favorite museums! I love it there!

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