Giant Ferris Wheel in Times Square

You might be wondering where exactly this giant ferris wheel is in Times Square.
As if Times Square is not crowded enough with those huge billboards, blinding lights, street performers and constant noises. Times Square indeed ..
The intersection of the world :).

We finally got a chance to try it in one of the long weekend days we enjoyed some time ago.
Originally, I promised Bo et Obi to get Sponge Bob's toys, but then we ended up lining up for this lovely giant ferris wheel in Toys' R Us Times Square. 

Yes, Ferris Wheel :).

the giant ferris wheel
We have come to this store many times but never really tried it.
and we realized that it would be fun indeed to try it.

So, we went to the lower floor, bought the tickets for USD 5 per person (kids 2 y.o and under are free) then lined up waiting for our car.

the ticket

There are several cars in there, including toys story, megablocks, fisher price and my little pony, Obi's favorite. She really wanted to ride the wheel on that car but we couldn't choose the car. So whatever we had in front of u will be ours. That's the rule.

At that time when we lined up, it was not very crowded, so the kids were okay and not really that crancky for queueing too long.

While waiting, we were looking at those cars and hoped for the little pony one. But I have said to Bo et Obi that whatever  car we have, that's what we'll take.

Once you are hopping to your car, the staff from the store took your photo that you can purchase after the ride. Perfect for souvenirs for those who just come to NYC, I suppose.

colorful cars..

We managed to get the M&M's car and it's super cute as well :).
Once we buckled up, we were ready to go up ...

Bo was slightly nervous when we were on top but I said stop looking down and tried not to move around. It was a bit wiggly, but if we stayed still, it's pretty nice and safe.

These are some snaps from above :)

Obi was enjoying the ride :)

cheeers....look at Bo's face :)

Hellooooo Mr. Superman :)

Do you like Ferris Wheel as well? or you prefer other attractions?


  1. looks like the kids had super fun!

  2. I don't mind them because they are pretty slow. I dislike roller coaster though. I hate heights where I'm flying around. That's too bad you didn't get the My Little Pony one. I get the rules, but I also get being a little kid and wanting what you want.

    1. I love roller coasters, Alissa..but not with the kids :)..I know, it's a bit dissapointing but Obi was okay with that :)

  3. That is such a neat ferris wheel! I would have loved getting the Mr. Potato Head car!

  4. wah seruya mainnya, aku ikutan dong Obi

  5. Aku selalu takut kalo naik ferris wheel gitu. Bukannya aku yang nenangin anak-anak, anak-anak malah yang nenangin aku. Apalagi kalo naik yang gede kayak gini, ya. Uh... takuuuuut :D

    1. hahaha..gitu ya mak Nia...anak-anakku masih agak-agak gimanaaa...kalau mamanya sih seneng bangeet hehehe

  6. You guys really know how to have fun :))

    1. trying too, Mak's good we have many choices around here..

  7. wew..
    asyik juga tuh..
    perlu dicoba..
    met happy2 liburan aja dagh.. :D

  8. That looks really cool! I love ferris wheels!


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