Brooklyn Bridge through my smartphones

Brooklyn Bridge is indeed one of the landmarks here in the big apple.
Even for those who stay here for some times, like us :). 

Take the subway, walk a little bit and there we are.. 
Arriving at one of the most iconic bridges in the Big Apple.

Coming back to spend some evening (and also afternoon) with the kids and Udi, we can't help but take pictures here and there. And most of the time, we are too lazy to bring our camera and voilaaaa, we pretty much depend on smartphones.

We all know that smartphones are indeed smart. 
Panorama? Checked.
Selfie? Checked.
Short movie? Checked.
Slo-mo video? Checked.
Time lapse? Checked.

Everything is at your finger tips.
One magic button and you have them all :).

So I was looking at my photo album and I just realized that I have thousands of photos. Surprised, surprised..
As I am transferring most of those treasured, immortalized moments from my phone to my PC and later to my external hard disks (Yes.. I have used 3 1 -Terra-GB for all those photos and videos ;)> ), I found that I have some from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Some were taken last fall, some from recent visit this spring and the beginning of summer.

All of our visit to the oldest bridge using hybrid cable-stayed suspension in this country is always rewarding. And it is also easy to go there...Either you are heading there with the help of Waze or Google map while driving your car, or take MTA Subway line 6 to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall and walk a bit, you are good to go :).

Once we got the sunset.. 

Then the twinkling sceneries of Manhattan at night, as well as sweet ice-cream session in this beautiful bridge.

when the night comes..

The construction of this bridge was done in 1883 and up until now, you can see Brooklyn Bridge in many movies, TV series, souvenirs and even chocolate :).

There is something about looking at Manhattan with East River as the foreground. 
I have to say it is bellavista that I can't get enough of.

Manhattan on the other side..

We have passed through the bridge with our car as well but we haven't tried to walk across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn or the other way around.

So far, my favorite spots are the Brooklyn bridge promenade, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and Pier 6. Bo et Obi loves this promenade as well as it is perfect for scootering :)

It's just simply rewarding to witness this beauty. 

How about you? Do you like taking pictures with your phone? What's your favorite object(s)?


  1. Aaaahhh.... keren2 banget fotonya..
    Saya suka...saya sukaaa :)

    1. mak Munaaa...saya jugaaa #lhooo hehehehe...main ke siniii maaak :)

  2. Indahnya bisa mencicip udara manhattan

  3. fotonya bagus ya mbak, mau dong smartphonenya nyicipin hahaha

    1. Ipuuun ipuuun. . . Hahaha

      Mau siang apa malam, tetep csntik jembatannya!

      Bo Obi tetep mejeng ama skuternya yaaaks. :D

  4. Indah pemandangannya, apalagi yang sore hari

  5. Mampir ke sini pasti aja siap-siap mupeng dengan pemandangan yang ada di tiap postingannya. Aaaaak... keren banget, Mak. Semoga suatu hari bisa ke sana. :D

    1. aaamiiin maaak...pokoknya aku berdoa yang kenceeeng :)

  6. We rely our phones a lot for photos too! Though I don't find the quality to be as great as my slr camera, you can get some amazing shots every now and again. I do love your Brooklyn Bridge photos!

  7. Saat liat/baca Brooklyn yang terlintas anaknya Beckam :D

  8. I walked that bridge once. It is longer than it looks LOL.

  9. It is pretty! It does seem like a landmark that comes to my mind as well.

  10. Bagus banget ya kalau malam hari. Terang dengan lampu jembatannya.

    Kemana2 jelas hanya bermodal kamera di hp, berhubung belum punya SLR. Cukuplah buat menunjang postingan di blog hehe

  11. Simply awesome, selalu suka dengan jembatan-jembatan di negeri Paman Sam :)
    and yes, nowadays you can just do magical things with your smartphone ^^

  12. kapan aku bisa berfoto disini ya...

  13. Manhathan ini sering nya daku liatdi film2 aja hahaha

  14. Those are wonderful photos. And how awesome that you got to look back in time like that. So true about smartphones. I have a DSLR, but I use my smartphone more! I need to do like you do though - put them on hard drives. Mine take up space on my computers. Yours is a better idea! Thanks!

  15. Pengen banget foto ditempat itu, tapi kapan ya. huft


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