Borobudur ... in a glimpse


 Undoubtedly, Borobudur Temple has long been known for being the largest Buddhist temple.

Fo us, Indonesians, Borobudur will always be one of our world's wonder :).

The first time we set our eyes on this agelessly charming complex of ancient Buddhist temple was from a far. 

the sun was coming...
From the top of Punthuk Setumbu, overlooking Mount Merapi and the majestic temple from above was truly an experience. Our journey started at 3 am in the morning, involving persuading my Bo et Obi to get ready and continue their sleep in the car and climbing up - or rather tracking, the hill in the dark hours of the morning. But again, it all worth the efforts.
Who won't be awed by this amazing scenery...

Amidst the constant clicks and the overflowing hum of shutter release, probably from hundreds of us, - the photographers and the sunrise lovers, like me, - I was hopelessly trying to capture the beauty of it. 
my hubby and I...
I miserably failed, as what we saw that morning was indeed amazing and beyond words...

So, now ...back to Borobudur..
Borobudur from a far..

I remember reading Lalita, one of Ayu Utami's masterpieces, displaying more interesting facts - if not intriguing, about Borobudur. 

How we tend to forget how majestic this temple is...
The philosophy behind those meticulously carved reliefs filled with thousands of messages are overwhelming...

How to get closer to our Creator...
How to achieve Aruphadathu, the world of formlessness, leaving behind kamadhatu, our desires, and rupadhatu, our urge for the world of forms...
How to peacefully become one of the dwellers of Nirvana...

With more than 2000 relief panels and hundreds of Buddha statues, Borobudur Temple will certainly invite everyone's amazement, just like us...

Borobudur during Vesak Day..

We went there during the Vesak Day. 
The celebration of the teaching and inspiring life of Buddha.

I know, not really the best option time unless you are okay with thousand of people flocking around to celebrate or watch the celebration itself. 
But we were more than happy to join this festivity and continue to be wawed by the greatness of this temple.

Too bad I didn't manage to get more details of I have Bo et Obi come with me and climb those many stairs to get closer to the top. Not an easy job to make sure the kids were on the safe sides while you were taking pictures here and there...
So, although I only got Borobudur in a glimpse, but I let my mind and soul grasp those ancient wonders and immortalize them in my head.

No, we didn't make it to the top but we do have breathtaking view :)
As this complex was built in the 9th century, I can't stop thinking how they could actually create this incredible architecture.

the magnificent statues..

As for the kids, they surely enjoy it...

peek a boo..

So I guess, we definitely have to go back to Borobudur again. 
As Borobudur in a glimpse is definitely not enough


  1. Replies
    1. iya betul mak..pemandangannya benar-benar membuat kita mengingat-Nya..

  2. The temple surely is amazing! It is so grand!

    1. It's the biggest buddhist temple in the world, Theresa :)

  3. Indah sekali Borobudur. Aku baru sekali ke sana, saat SMA dulu. Jadi pengin ke sana lagi bersama anak-anak :)

  4. Amazing and breathtaking landscapes, wonderful journey!! Thank you for this occasion to see through your camera lens such wonders... Have a happy and sunny April time!

    1. Thanks was a great journey for me and my family :)

  5. Petuk setumbu .... wait for me....

  6. Wonderful photos, yn place full of beauty in nature and art!

  7. Terakhir ke Jogja batal ke Borobudur moga lain waktu bisa

  8. mak bo...Borobudur itu kalo diliat dari atas sebenarnya adalah jam matahari lo. jadi stupa2 itu berfungsi sebagai penunjuk waktu. daan sayangnya waktu kami hunting foto kesana aku telat dapet sunrisenya hiks :(

  9. November kemarin ke Borobudur banyak stupa yang sedang diperbaiki mbak

  10. Foto paling atas amazing banget, ngambilnya dari mana tuh Maak. Yang lainnya juga cakep2 :)

  11. Oh my..... actually my parent lives in Magelang, only 15 minutes from Borobudur. But I haven't gone there yet. It's so mysterious, so magical. Shame on me :(

  12. Borobudur, salah satu destinasi wisata yang inginkan sekali aku kunjungi. Entah kapan impian ini akan terwujud. Selalu saja ada halangan untuk mengunjungi destinasi wisata yang satu ini.

  13. These photos are breathtaking! How pretty! I love the 2nd photo down.

  14. Kalau jadi, aku akan ke sana sebentar lagi. Sudah lama sekali tidak lihat Borobudur...

  15. Di sana pas mendung yah, Mbak? Waktu aku ke Borobudur, lagi panas-panasnya.. :D

  16. Tempat yang bagus dan foto yang keren! Salam kenal Mak...:)

  17. Komen kedua dalam rangka #BlessfulAugust :D Saya komen di sini karena saya suka fotografi dan foto pertama di postingan ini KEREN BANGET! Magical banget pemandangannya, mba Indah. Begitu juga fotonya :)

  18. Saya tertarik dengan tulisan anda.
    Saya juga mempunyai tulisan yang sejenis mengenai Pariwisata yang bisa anda kunjungi di Pariwisata Indonesia


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