National Wear Red Day

As I bloghopped to NC Sue ' s blog, I just notice that the 6th of February was the National Wear Red Day.

Have you ever heard of it before?

To start with, you can check this website.

National Wear Red Day is one of the programs initiated by American Heart Association to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke that kill women. Often regarded as the men's disease, the staggering fact told us that 1 in 3 women were killed by heart disease and stroke! Well, what saddening is that all these diseases are 80% preventable...

So, since 2003, this initiative has been started and many progress have been achieved as well, including the changing behaviours towards healthier life. And this campaign of National Wear Red Day continues till now...

Here's what I copied from the official website:

"National Wear Red Day® — the first Friday each February — is our special day to bring attention to this staggering fact. We encourage everyone to wear red, raise their voices, know their cardiovascular risk and take action to live longer, healthier lives."

And here's our support by wearing red :)..

while visiting the pediatrics last Friday..Obi in Red :)

Obi et Bapak in red...
red, red, red...

Watch the video, Go Red For Women, and we can learn more about it... 

Some other things we can do to help is by donating, creating fundraiser page and getting free tools and resources about combating these diseases. Again, the complete information is available on Wear Red Day.

So, let's take care of our health...get more information to lead a healthy life :)
Go women, go...


  1. Very beautiful red dresses! I had never heard of that day!

    1. we apparently have it Leovi...I just found out about it as well...thanks to Sue..

  2. ternyata ya...saya blm pnh tahu info ini mbak. mnarik sekali infonya. thanks sdh berbagi :) salam kenal.

  3. You'll have to dress that way for Valentines Day to. Red is my favorite color.

  4. Lovely red dresses greeting from Belgium .


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