Flushing Meadows in Winter

Well, long weekend is here and we didn't plan to go traveling around thanks to the weather! We have been browsing around and the surrounding states are freezing as well. So, we're just sticking around the city.

Instead, we went to enjoy the snowy day at Flushing Meadows, before hitting the Queens Museum, which I will write in another post :).

Winter at Flushing Meadows

Remember this place? 
I wrote about it once, about missing the aliens at Flushing Meadows :)
And of course, the unisphere will catch our attention instantly. 
How I love to see the snow around it..
And it was minus 8 degree Celcius at that time...
But Bo et Obi seem to have no problem at all with the biting cold :)

Even the kids were jumping around :)...

enjoying the snow...

Well, since we have no better choice but embracing and enjoying the snow,  we then just enjoy the cold and winter...

the unisphere...

Enjoy the snow, people...and stay warm :)

cheers from the 3 of us...


  1. That unisphere is pretty cool! A great place to stop for a photo opp!

  2. I don't mind the snow. Well except for car accidents. It's the cold wind that can be awful!

    I love the photos! You most certainly got more snow than we did this year.

  3. -8....yikes...that is the low predicted here on thursday actually...though ours is farenheit...so about -22 C

    that sculpture is really cool...

  4. I didn't realize the Unisphere was so small LOL!

  5. It's been pretty cold here too. Cute photos! Stay warm.

  6. Trus berdoa, semoga suatu saat bisa kesana :))


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