Weekend at lake Wallenpaupack Area, Pennsylvania #1

First weekend at 2015...


Sudah sejak lama kami sekeluarga pengeeen banget liburan yang lucu-lucu di sekitar NY City. Maklum, soalnya cuaca lagi tidak begitu bersahabat alias dingin bangeeet dan kondisi badan juga tidak begitu fit karena masih kemo. 

But the kids are off from school until the 4th of January, so last weekend was the perfect time to have a brief, yet rewarding vacation. Well, technically we have new year's break, but since I had to come tot he office on the 2nd of January and we had friends going back to Indonesia for good during those days, we decided to go to Lake Wallenpaupack area in Pennsylvania on Friday until Sunday.

Lake Wallenpaupack is the third largest fresh water lake in Pennsylvania. Located near the Pocono Mountain, the surrounding areas are dotted with ski resorts and summer camps as well as many recreational centers. Wallenpaupack is indeed an Indian name, which literally means "the stream of swift and slow water," according to wikipedia. And apparently, this lake has been used for the location of the Office, famous TV series, shooting when episode was talking about the staffs' retreat. Hmm...I just knew that :). 

So, off we went on Friday night around 7.30 pm from NYC, heading to Pennsylvania. We had 3 families coming together on that day, so we traveled with 2 cars. Two more families would join us on Saturday morning. 

It was supposed to be 2.5 hour drive. But with 5 kids staying in one car, my hubby preferred to take his time and we stopped in fast food restaurant for quite some time. 

Then we finally arrived at Lake Wallenpaupack area around 11 pm. Pheeew, it was dark already and we had to go "into the woods" to get to our place. We stayed in one of the properties belonged to the office and it has  bedrooms, located by the lake, perfect for our family trip :).

Once we were there, the kids were still in good mood of playing, so we ended up staying late until almost 2 am, enjoying nice conversation, yummy snacks and hot drinks. It was cold that nigh, as the weather predicted that snow would be showering on the next day. Speaking about the snow, the kids were constantly asking about it...saying when can we see the snow? Can we play with the snow? Are we heading to the snowy place? Well, you figure that out :).

After some times, everyone got tired and we all had peaceful sleep that night. When I woke up in the morning, I was really enjoying the beautiful sunrise over Deer lake, which is located right at the backyard of the house. Stunning!

view from our balcony...

can't get enough of it...

What a perfect start of the day...

I noticed that some part of the lake started to freeze. You can see the thin lining of ice on its surface.
the lake started to freeze...
"Well, well...the snow is definitely coming!,"I thought. What a lucky day! 
Just like what the kids wanted :). 
Wanna know what happened next?
Will be right back :)


  1. cakep banget Mak Gambarnya.... the Lake, iyes baru nonton The Lake House yang bersalju juga.

  2. I've only been to PA once, but do remember it is such a beautiful state. It looks like a really lovely place to stay there on Lake Wallenpaupack too. I would love to wake to that view every morning!

  3. uwaa indah banget mak pemandangannya,g kebayang serunya liburan bareng keluarga^^

  4. Waaah kapan bisa lihat es batu kayak gitu he he

  5. Wonderful pictures, I like the lights of the dawn!

  6. Those sky photos are so pretty. You could blow them up into 8x10 size or larger for your house they are that pretty!

  7. Sumpah pemandangannya bagus banget Mbak Indah ^^b

  8. Indahnya senja di sana, Mbak.. :D


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