The Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park, New York City

Well, while being grounded as the blizzard hit New York City since last night (although things look much better today), I finally get a chance to finish this one draft. It was my note from a few weekends ago :). How time flies :)...And it's the 4th week of 2015 already!

Now that the winter is here to stay, we kinda miss the warm weather we had in the last weeks of 2014. It was cold but not cold, biting, cold :). And we managed to pleasantly enjoy some outdoor activities. 

One lovely Saturday, we were once again blessed by lovely weather.
The weather was forecasted to be 8 degree C or around 48 degree F. Yaaay..We have clear blue sky but for me, it was still freezing, thanks to the wind :).

So we decided to go around the city again. As it was too late to go upstate, we were searching for a nice place not far from New York City. And the choice we have is the Cloisters and Fort Tryron in the upper part of Manhattan.

Have you heard of it or been to this place before?

We were  enjoying our leisure walk around the Cloisters,  a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of the Art. 

What so special about this place is that it is devoted to the European medieval art here in NYC. It's obviously seen from the grand architecture. Kinda remind us of our days in Switzerland and the surrounding countries. Sweet...

We took our time walking up on its path...

heading up to the Cloisters

Bo and his scooter :)

quite an eerie setting :)

Looking at those pillars, it didn't take long for us to just pose and take pictures :)..


The Cloisters is situated on top of the hill of the Fort Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan. 

So, we enjoyed the city from above as well...

Manhattan afar..

As it sits next to Hudson River, the wind is unsurprisingly chilly. But we were ready for that and bundled up already, especially considering that we would spend so much time outdoor.

the path near the Cloisters..

We didn't manage to get inside the Museum as it was a bit late and Bo kept dragging us to browse around the park with his scooter. 

We arrived almost at 3 pm and the Museum closed at 4.45. 

So, we decided to walk around the garden and the building before heading to the Fort Tryon, not far from the Cloister.

The Fort is not that big, perfect for a stroll with two kids like me. So Bo was enjoying his time with his scooter, while Obi was jumping up and down with mama :). A spacious public park where you can simply relax, enjoy the view of Hudson River, have a lovely picnic, and take tons of pictures like me :).

love the blue sky...

on top of the fort...

This area was gifted to the City of New York by John D. Rockefeller in 19107 and later built by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr, who happened to be the son of the famous architect of the Central Park, in 1935. 

It is such a peaceful place, with beautiful chirping birds and munching squirrels freely roaming around, unafraid of the presence of humans. Precious...

It has beautiful benches, lovely view overlooking the Hudson river, jogging path and even dogs' run. Perfect for everyone...

clear blue sky...

So to those who are looking for a great place to relax and enjoy beautiful Hudson scenery near Manhattan, the Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park can be a fabulous choice! 

The address is Riverside Dr To Broadway, W 192 St To Dyckman St, Manhattan..or you can easily type Fort Tryon on your google map or waze for direction :)! 
Check out its website as well here.

Enjoy the green face of NYC :)


  1. That looks huge, and pretty! I love the funky archways.

    *The pillow I reviewed does only come in black. Bummer.

  2. That looks like a beautiful place to visit! I love your photos.

  3. I love all those lovely pictures... you captured it so good!

  4. OOooh i love that squirell, mak. So cute. :)) You shall bring the squirell and the 'angry bird' for me. Ahahahahaha. Nevermind. :D

  5. Undoubtedly, great photos, it seems pretty this place!

  6. It is very picturesque! A lovely spot indeed for capturing memories!

  7. Membuka posting ini mata saya dimanjakan oleh foto-foto yang indah...
    Mbak, jago motret nih. Dahsyat Mbak foto-fotonya.



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