WW: Welcome, Mr. President...

We had an extremely busy week welcoming our President, H.E. DR. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and the First Lady, to NY during the High-level Week of the UN General Assembly Meeting..

And Bo, together with Cica, was welcoming them with a huge bouquet of lily :), wearing our traditional attire from Lampung, my hometown ..

Psst... they were interviewed as well :)..
Too bad I didn't really got a good picture...just wait for the photos taken by our official photographer  then ..

Join us on Wordless Wednesday :p...


  1. That is so cool! I bet that is an experience they will remember forever!

  2. ciyeee abang Bo ketemu pak esbeye niyeeee... ;)

  3. Ganteng dan cantik among tamunyaa. Hihihi
    Seger lilinya. . .

  4. Yes, a great welcome, very handsome!

  5. mantap dahhhh.. bangsa saya klo punya anak seperti itu

  6. Belum pernah ikutan WW aku. NGubek2 foto dulu nih buat ikutan ^^

  7. Pakain Lampung bagus ya mbak...suka deh sama topi dan kainnya. Dannn abang Bo... guanntengg deh :D


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