Wastra Indonesia: Purple splash...

I feel much, much better after the mastectomy,  so now I just realized that I still got boxes filled with my much-loved collection of Wastra Indonesia, hand-woven traditional fabrics from home.

So, we set the gawangan,  the special traditional handmade wooden display especially design for kain or fabrics.

Million thanks to my hubby, here I am..freshly standing next to my first 'batch' - as I still got more :) - of wastra Indonesia...

Pale pink with green lining tenun from East Nusa Tenggara...
Pink - white-orange-cobalt blue Rangrang Tenun from Bali...
Fuschia-pink-burst of colors with deer pattern of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara...
Purple and gold songket Palembang, South Sumatera in bungo intan and limar motives...
And many more :)

As for me, leisurely wearing my purple top from Antilia Femme and Contemporary Garutan Batik pants from West Java, with my fave gold fish necklace from Kate Spade. And not to forget, my latest accessories,  wound drainage reservoir,  courtesy of my mastectomy :).

Life is good...
So let's embrace it with hope, love and joy...

Bon weekend a tous...


  1. hai haaaiiiii... wondering.. that you must join the "Kain Community" and became new Obin - she really has a passion with batik, so you must have one wastra museum!

  2. Yes, I'm so glad your improvement. these traditional fabrics are lovely !!

  3. always interseting for post nya mbak Indah ^-^ jadi bljar bhsa ingggris lagi yihaaa

  4. Sukaaaaak kali sama kain-kainnya, Mbak.. Etnik :D

  5. wah,cantik2 mbk..itu celana yg mak indah pakai juga keren bangettt :)

  6. cantik banget,,,si empunya blog ama kain yg ada dibelakangnya

  7. Iyaa celana mak Indah juga bagus loh :)

  8. Mak Indah, kainnya cantik2 bingits.. itu yg pake baju ungunya juga minta dijawil *eh

  9. Memang, ya, Wastra buat mata seger. Ceria warnanya.

    Mbaa, itu selangnyaa. . . >,<

  10. jadi penasaran mbak ndah disana pakai kain trus gak ya :)

  11. Good wastra Indonesia collector.
    I also have songket, batik Pekalongan, tenun Lombok, etc.
    Thanks for the nice article.


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