One night with the Maestro...

The Maestro, Jaya Suprana, is in town!


Tau dong Jaya Suprana? Ayo coba di google :)

a happy merry selfie with the maestro :D

Saya sendiri sudah lama tau kepiawaian seorang Jaya Suprana...
seorang pianis, philantrophis, pengusaha, komedian, pemilik museum...pokoknya banyak deeeh :). Beliau terkenal dengan senyum dan tawa Jamu Jagonya :)

Dan di Indonesia, aku malah belum pernah nonton konsernya hehehe :).

eye-catching candeliers...

We're lucky to get the free ticket for his Piano recital in Carnegie Hall, NYC...
Carnegie Hall sodara-sodaraa...ngg main-main lhooo. Tempat prestigious ini sudah terkenal dengan daftar para maestro yang pernah manggung di sana. 

getting ready for the concert..

Dan kali ini, maestro Indonesia yang datang. Pak Jaya Suprana..
First time ever, playing all Indonesian music repertoire in Carnegie Hall..Cool, rite...

The performance we saw that night was titled Indonesia Pusaka, a solo piano recital.

There were 6 compositions beautifully presented by the Maestro.
Starting with Uri-Uri; the prelude for the Indonesia Pusaka recital, a meditative piece based on pelog pentatonic scale inspired by the ambience of Indonesian rice fields (can you imagine that :) ); followed by Uro-uro..still using pelog pentatonic composition reflecting the  rhapsodic rhythms of Central Java traditional fol-music. Those were the introduction :D.

Next we enjoyed Fantasi Arum Dalu, a complicated composition (to me :) ) yet melodious and hypnotic at the same time, followed by Metamorfosa Rinduku Padamu, a beautiful composition that takes you far beyond..for sure this version is much better than the original one melancholicly sung by our President :). Then we got a chance to hear Suita Marzukiana, a lovely parade of melodious hits from Ismail Marzuki which are so familiar to me and most Indonesians, like Aryati, Sabda Alam, Payung Fantasi and many more. truly serenading my heart, making me missing home miserably.

Then as the final touch, we have Indonesia Pusaka, one of the most beloved eternal song written by Ismail Marzuki, that always successfully shed tears on my eyes whenever I hear or sing it. Uniquely, Jaya Suprana produced a video, with those celebrities, mostly previous presidents and 2014 presidential  candidates including Jokowi, singing this song. It was funny yet still solemn, interesting video :). Then the finale was Jaya Suprana playing this beautiful tunes asking everyone to sing together. And I sang my heart out...with big smiles and tears rolling from my eyes. Touche...

Well, I actually have recorded some of the songs in my smartphone but somehow the results are not satisfactory :((. 

But the best part of the night is my or our to be precise, selfie with the Maestro!

Hope we'll meet again soon, Pak...Keep up the brilliant works and make us proud!



  1. ya ampun mbakkkk....keren bgttt bisa selfie juga sama pak jaya suprana..kerennn ;)

  2. Daku seumur2 baru tahu kalau pemilik jamujago si mister ini

  3. wah Jaya Suprana mau ikutan selfie juga

  4. Saya tahu Jaya Suprana dari acara dialog interaktif di salah satu stasiun televisi swasta. Ternyata beliau mau diajak foto juga ya?

  5. gue malah baru tau jaya suparna ka -_- #miris, oh iya ka kaka dapet penghargaan the liebster award nih untuk blognya, info lebih lanjut mengenai award bisa ke blog ku ka ikutan yoo

  6. Master JS punya museum apa ya? MURI ya...


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