Amazing Indonesia: #Pontianak, West Kalimantan

A lovely city for sure....That's what Pontianak is for me ...

Our guide in Pontianak :D...

I was very intrigued when I search Pontianak for the first time in google....the search hits back many pictures of Kuntilanak (perhaps the modern name of Pontianak...who knows), one of the scariest and the fiercest ghosts in Indonesia....Can you imagine that? 

Then I read more of its history ....

Back in 1771,almost 4 centuries ago  the city was formerly the capital of the independent Sultanate of Pontianak and was founded in 23 October 1771.  Buit around an old trading station on the Borneo coast, It was founded on swampy ground. 

Then when it comes to the name, apparently  it originated from the story that the founder had seen an appearance of Kuntilanak ghost at the place to be built for the palace, which he fought to save the people. Well, lucky me they didn't keep the photos of their captures.

Another interesting fact about Pontianak is that it is located almost precisely on the wonder it is widely known as Kota Khatulistiwa (Equatorial City)

So, when you are around, don't miss Tugu Khatulistiwa (Equatorial Obelisk) or the Equatorial Monument :D....

A bit outskirt, it takes around 45 minutes to go here from the city center.

 It was built directly under the 0 degrees equator line, how cool is thaaaat :D..... 

Approximately 11km from the city center, there are many displays showcasing interesting facts about the equator. 

For sure, that's what  Pontianak is unique as one of the few cities in the world situated exactly on the equator line. Well, the consequence is...the city is very hot :D...

And of course, if you don't have time to actually go to the Dayak village, then come and visit Rumah Betang, the traditional house of Dayak Tribe residing in Kalimantan since ages ago.
The original ones are situated in the smaller cities and vilages, but they have one in the middle of the city as the sample of this traditional house....

the traditional pattern in the wooden columns of the house...
It was an interesting visit...
looking at the way the house is built..
and the philosophy surrounding it...

wrapped in fuschia Papuan  batik, right in front of the Betang House... 

There are some totems too...too bad I didn't really catch the story on it...

the stairs used to climb up the house..pretty steep...
I really enjoy the visit to this western part of Kalimantan or Borneo Island. Their unique tradition and cultures really fascinate me...
one of the faces in totem..

And I still have more stories on Kadriyah Palace as well as Singkawang temples and city  in the next post, so hopefuly you got a chance to check that one out as 
well.. :D...


  1. I didn't realize they also had totems there. Great photos.

    1. thanks Alex...we do have many totems in Indonesia :)

  2. I like these beautiful artworks of Borneo Island, a wonderful place, beautiful pictures!

  3. Keren nih kota Pontianak, banyak tempat tujuan wisatanya (y)

  4. Ih, mbak Indah, selalu keren deh foto-fotonya. Belum pernah aku ke pontianak, selalu mendengar cerita2nya saja. unik ya kebudayaan disana.. :)

  5. Thank you for this awesome post.

    Kapan ke Pontianaknya? wah sudah yaWah andai saya tau kan bisa KOPDAR

    Terima kasih

  6. I still keep Pontianak in my dream to visit, cause still don't have enough money to fly with plane.. halagh ilatku malah mlintir iki mbak Indah.. hahaha cuma mau omong durung duwe sangu buat ke Pontianak hahaha

    Semoga di belahan dunia mana pun kita bisa sua kembali ya mbak hehehe.

  7. patternya pulau Kalimantan ini emg khas banget yah...tapi sayang saya belum pernah nyambangin bagian baratnya Kalimantan ini :)
    hopefully someday yaaaa....

  8. That sounds like an amazing place! I would love to see it myself someday!


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