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Plataran The Dharmawangsa, Heavenly Place for Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

I have always had a soft spot for traditional ambience and Indonesian cuisines.

While spending some time in my beloved Indonesia, I try to explore its amazing

If you are looking for a posh, authentic Indonesian restaurant elaborated with top-notch, high class interior design in rare wooden furnitures, batik and antiques, this is the place.

Welcome to Plataran at the Dharmawangsa.

If you are familiar with the Plataran restaurant, then let's see this one.

I have been a big fan of Plataran restaurant, be it in Menteng, Senayan and here in the Dharmawangsa. They are just simply awesome!

When we arrived, we parked in the side ways and walked in to the restaurant. As you step into the area, you can see the bold and intricate design of Javanese cultures, with the replicate of statues from the famous temple of Borobudur, wood carvings imitating Rumah Jawa or the Javanese traditional house and batik, beautifully coated on the floor. In short, I love the ambience, the interior design and of course the food! The price is of course a bit higher than the average but it is worth it. Being known as the provider of authentic Indonesian cuisine in an antique and traditional setting, 

As you step in to the area, you are welcomed by rows of statues like the ones in famous temples. Then the warmth of wooden Java house is welcoming you as you sit inside. I simply love it! Well, who wouldn’t! Not to mention Batik, the original piece of high quality Batik,being coated on the floor! The food is exquisite! And authentic as well. I love soto buntut, rawon, asinan jakarta, gado - gado, bola - bola udang, dendeng batokok, and more. i love the salad and soup they have here. Some rice dishes are also wonderful. As foe tje drink, you have various choices as well. They have mushola, parking lot, and clean, artsy toilet. Well… highly recommended indeed and hope you get a chance to try the food here as well.

Tasting Middle Eastern Food at Abunawas Restaurant Jakarta

Are you a big fan of delicious mandi and biryani rice?

With lamb or chicken, both are so good by the way, on top of the rice?

Then join me here in this post as I am taking you to one of the best restaurants serving Middle Eastern food in Jakarta. Abunawas Restaurant.

Are you familiar with the Middle Eastern food? I have been enjoying more and more Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food when I was in New York City. My hubby loves lamb a lot and Middle Eastern food has been very famous fo their lamb menus. Since we lived in Astoria and there are many mosques as well as moslem communities in some parts of if, we also found many restaurants serving these wonderful cuisines and they are halal! Not to mention the famous Halal Guys, the food cart selling delicious chicken and lamb gyros as well as falafel. Oh my... I really miss them! That is why up until now we really miss this type of food.

So back to Jakarta, we do have some choices when it comes to Middle Eastern food. As you have probably be aware of, there are huge Arab communities in Jakarta and they do have their authentic restaurants. This place, Abunawas Restaurant, has been very famous for it Arabian cuisine and the setting as well as the ambience of the place is also beautiful.

When you arrive, the front part of the building is so lovely and it directly reminds of the jazeera, complete with shoe-horse shaped patio and door. As you step in, you will be transported to the Middle East as the coordinated theme and accents used depicts the unique Arabian cultures.

For sure the health protocol is implemented so the mask in obligatory and your temperature will be checked and you have to wash your hands or use the hand sanitizers. and physical distancing is also in place.

Abunawas Restaurant, Jakarta
health protocol is implemented.

As you can see here, the interior is wonderful and I really love the details. It reminds me of La Alhambra in Granada, Spain, as well as La Mesquita in Sevilla, Spain. The fresco, the color choice, the ceilings, the walls.. they are just lovely! I feel so nostalgic when I saw all this beautiful setting. It has wonderful murals and amazing sofa that I would like to bring home LOL. Take a look at them here.

Abunawas Restaurant, Jakarta, Indonesia

Look at the murals!

I am IN LOVE with this sofa!

Now.. Let'
s take a look at the menu here!

As I have mentioned before, they are very famous for their mandi and biryani rice. You can have this rice with chicken, lamb or fish. All of them are so good! There is also Zurbiyan rice but I haven't really tried it.

You can have the menu in individual plate or portion, or the portion for two, which for me, can accommodate 4 hungry people. 

Quarter lamb or chicken over your choice of rice is people’s favorite. You can have mandi or biryani rice, or half - half on them. Complete with spicy sauce as you like it.

Middle Eastern Food at Abunawas Restaurant Jakarta
Chicken over half biryani, half mandi rice

If you order any dippings, like babagamush or hummus, you will get the pitta bread as well. I also tried the cheese samosa and I love it. Tabouleh is so good and fresh, although I would love to have more lemon and fresh tomatoes on it so it has more kick.

I managed to try the smoothies as well. It has I chose the one with peanut butter, which is very nice and creamy. I guess the name of this beverage is Iskandaria Peanut Smoothie. It has a nice ring one it, right! Next time I will try the one with dates I guess!

Iskandaria Peanut Smoothie, anyone?
The restaurant has two floors so you can choose where you are going to eat. You can also have the tables or the ‘tent’ where you can sit on the floor for full Arabian experience. They have private rooms you can use as well. I love the ambience, it’s pretty with fountain, cave-like and tent-like decoration, murals on the wall and Arabic accents.

the tent looks so exotic

It has spacious parking lot, so it won’t be a problem. I am not sure it is disability friendly though, especially for those with impaired mobility. It has spacious room but to reach the second floor will certainly be problematic. I hope they will fix it soon.

So, what do you think? Will you try the food here? I will definitely be back here again soon with my hubby!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Nook Restaurant, Bali - Wonderful Eateries in the Middle of the Paddy Fields

Do you look for wonderful ambience to enjoy around your meal?

Well, I do! 

Whenever I get a chance to come to one particular area, I would definitely try to find unique, wonderful restaurant to enjoy. 

On my last trip to Bali, I managed to eat in Nook, one cozy restaurant in Kerobokan, Bali. Although I was traveling during Ramadhan, we managed to stop by at lovely restaurants in the area, including this one. 

Nook is a great place to chill, relax, and taste the food while enjoying the soothing green Paddy fields in Bali! The ambience and the interior design are so homey and inviting as well.

Nook Restaurant, Bali - Wonderful Eateries in the Middle of the Paddy Fields
Don't you just love it!

We went here during Ramadan and we came by to have Ifthar with friends. They do have this lovely ambience because the restaurant is located in the middle of the rice field. So as you enjoy the food and drinks, you will be serenaded by breeze, wind chymes, and singing birds. How do you like that? Super peaceful indeed.

Nook Restaurant, Bali - Wonderful Eateries in the Middle of the Paddy Fields
The paddy fields around the resto

You can definitely order yummy, delicious food here. Find yourself a melange of Western food as well Indonesian and Balinese food to your liking. Here you can have burgers, steak, and pasta as well as sandwiches. They also serve Indonesian food. As for drinks, there are a lot of choice you us to explore. Again, including Indonesian beverages like teh sereh and jahe merah or red ginger.

I tried the Nasi Campur Special, the traditional Balinese plate with complete mini main course starting from rendang, chicken, urap or fresh veggies, sambal matah, tempe and tofu, corn fritters and sate lilit or minced fish satay a la Bali. Super good! I have my infused water and lime ginger hot tea. All is delicious. My friends tried Sirloin steak, spaghetti, and ayam geprek.

Cozy spot we have here...

The service is fast, waiters are friendly. They are very friendly indeed and for sure they can give you all the recommendations for the best food and beverages you like.

I really love the decorations, comfy seats and sofas as well as the ambience here. Let's take a look at photos I took around this cozy place.

The parking lot is not that big but there are staff who can help you finding the spot nearby as well. So parking is manageable. This place is disability friendly as well and again the staff will be more than happy to help. Happy to recommend this place for sure!

So, will you come here when you are around?
I sincerely hope so! And see you on the next adventure!

Amazing Sunday at Hello Sunday Metropole, Jakarta

Amazing Sunday at Hello Sunday Metropole, Jakarta

Hi, everyone!

Fancy enjoying favorite dessert in cozy restaurant? Oh yes, I love it!

Recently I have been scouting lovely eateries around my office and my home to enjoy some of the best Indonesian culinary, fusion food, desserts, beverages and more. It is part of my mission of supporting local businesses, reviving our passion towards Indonesian traditional food and beverages, as well as the joy of spending some quality time with my hubby and my family.

One of the places we recently visit is Hello Sunday, a lovely cafe and dessert located in Metropole, Cikini, Jakarta, Indonesia. I have seen their IG account but haven't got a chance to actually come and visit until last weekend. I came to the office because I needed to get the antigen test and together with my hubby, we decided to stop by at this lovely place.

Hello Sunday has been famous for its cakery and desserts. It has a few outlets across Jakarta. When we arrived, we had to go through the health protocol including temperature check and washing hands. It also follows the procedures of only accommodating  50 percent of the capacity so we don't have to worry about the physical distancing. The tables are sanitized as well.

the cozy corner at Hello Sunday

When I came, they had just released Ube soft serve a couple day before. It was purple, yummy and uber cool. This soft serve ice cream comes with roasted almonds, marshmallows and caramel popcorns. When you look at it you will definitely fall in love with it. And that is just the ice cream, my friend! 

We have so many more incredible food and beverages worth trying in the menus. Let's have a look. 

One of them is the mood booster, fresh cold press with perfect combination of orange, carrot, pineapples, lime, and apple. Not to mention Putu Waffles, famous Belgian waffles but using kue putu dough with pandan leaves. This waffle is indeed lovely. Love the textures of the waffle and the taste is also exquisite. It is cool to see a lovely blend between Indonesian traditional recipe and famous Western food like waffles.

don't you just love it!

They certainly have more but we only tried all these sweet plates. And we love them all! Here you can also enjoy mac and cheese, chicken waffles, steak, fish and beef burgers, pizza and more. They also have rice plates like fried rice, basmati green fried rice and the one with lamb. They even have gyudon and salmon don here, as well as salmon and quinoa.

Price wise, the food and beverages are priced in typical rate as Jakarta's cafes. So I say it's worth a try. With the quality food and beverages they serve, I guess it's worth it.

Well, obviously, this place is super lovely. we were helped by Irlang, one of the waiters, and he has been super helpful and fun indeed. Don't miss this place when you are around and I bet you can have an amazing day at Hello Sunday Metropole, Jakarta. See you on our next culinary adventure!.

Warung Nongkrong, Tempat Hits di Bandar Lampung yang Harus Kamu Coba

Risol ragout dari Warung Nongkrong, Tempat Hits di Bandar Lampung yang Harus Kamu Coba

Hi semua..

Salam sehat! Semoga kita semua selalu sehat, aman dan bahagia, di manapun berada.

Belum lama ini, aku dan keluarga sempat beberapa kali mengunjungi Bandar Lampung, kota tercinta yang menjadi kampung halaman. Urusan keluarga yang mendesak membuat kami sempat bolak - balik beberapa kali sambil tentu saja menyempatkan diri untuk menikmati some outdoorsy time favorit kami sekeluarga, snorkeling dan berenang di pulau kesayangan yang banyak terdapat di Teluk Lampung. For sure dengan tetap memperhatikan protokol kesehatan dan disiplin dengan 3 M. Pokoknya, a trip back home is always packed with cool stuff.

Warung Nongkrong, Tempat Hits di Bandar Lampung yang Harus Kamu Coba
Warung Nongkrong, Tempat Hits di Bandar Lampung yang Harus Kamu Coba

So recently, I also had some times to meet my dearest ladies in one of our favorite spots. Just like in many cities across the country, we have so many cool cafes and hip restaurants being opened. Bandar Lampung is no exception. Compared to the time when I was born and raised in this lovely city, Bandar Lampung is now dotted with eateries, cafes, and lovely Instagramable  restaurants. Some of them are managed and run by my friends as well. 

Warung Nongkrong Bandar Lampung
Kita sudah datang sebelum Warungnya buka hehehe

So in one of our visits to Lampung I came to the place that has been recently reopened. Warung Nongkrong namanya. Terletak di Jl. Z.A Pagaralam no. , Kedaton, Bandar Lampung, this place is indeed very strategicLocated right on the side of the main road, very near to several campuses and universities in the area, Warung Nongkrong certainly attracts many crowds who love to spend some times in a comfortable place over famous Lampungnese coffee and delectable plates. With a touch of industrial design and homy accent, this place is indeed a nice place to visit.

Masih ingat kaan waktu aku ketemu ibu - ibu hits teman kecilku di Bandar Lampung yang sampai sekarang masih sering bertukar sapa dan kabar via berbagai platform, terutama WAG dan Instagram? Beberapa waktu yang lalu, aku sempet bertemu dengan @lindasumadewi @rennygheghe @iyuniarti di tempat nongkrong paling hits @warungnongkrong #bandarlampung. For sure, pastinya kita bertemu dengan menerapkan protokol kesehatan yaaaa! Face shield, masker, jaga jarak (mendekat pas foto aja bentaar 😇) dan rajin cuci tangan plus pakai sanitizer untuk ruangan maupun tangaan. 

Some of the food we tried in Warong Nongkrong. Banyak juga hehe..

It is indeed now a must for all restaurants and public places to implement 3M in Indonesia: wearing masks, washing our hands properly and frequently; and keeping safe physical distance. Here in this cafe, when you first come your body temperatures will be checked and you are requested to  wash your hands. Moreover, hand sanitizers are also available. I also saw that the tables and chairs are cleaned frequently with disinfectant.

And now, let's see the menu! My favorite part indeed! There are various menus you can definitely try here. Starting from the appetizers, main course and desserts, you can also enjoy a wide range of incredible Lampungnese coffees which are famous for their bold tastes and aroma. Something that you should not miss while coming here.

Risol Ragout and Kroket keju. super yuuuum..

Kalau bicara menu, banyak yang aku dan anak - anak suka nikmati di sini. One of my fave is of course the  risol. Aku sukaaa dengan risolnya yg mantul dan asli enaak!  No MSG lagi! Yaaay bangeet buat aku dan pastinya juara rasanya! Risol ini ada yang original dan ada yang isinya  extra keju Mozarella. Dua - duanya enak. Anak - anak juga sempat coba burger, chicken strips, siomay, Korean garlic cheese bread, singkong keju, nasi goreng, nasi iga and more. Ternyata banyak aja yaaa hahaha. Warung Nongkrong juga punya promo untuk jam makan siang yang asyik dengan harga super terjangkau dan pastinya enak yaaa. Pokoknya rugi untuk dilewatkan, terutama untuk mereka yang berdomisili di Bandar Lampung dan sekitarnya.

Dan pilihan makanan sama kopinya juga okeee, dengan deretan kopi dan coklat produksi asli #lampungkeren yang kamu, ya KAMU, musti cobain. Pokoknya  ♥️♥️♥️banget.  Aku sempat mencoba ice blended choco yang menggunakan coklat asli produksi Pesawaran Lampung. Juga ada Jahe Merah yang asli produksi lokal Pesawaran Lampung. Rasanya mantap! Bahkan aku membawa pulang paket jahe merah yang pas banget diminum saat pandemi seperti ini.

Happy me with ice choco asli dari Pesawaran, Lampung

Not to mention local blend, yang tersaji mantap dalam kopi tubruk Lampung. Moreover, you can order various ice blended beverages including strawberries smoothies, matcha frappe, nutella choco frappe, red velvet frappe, and lychee squash and more. My .. I can go on and on with those drink list indeed.

Btw, I managed to make a video on one of my visits here, featuring my dearest friends and cousin, Indri and Gheghe, as well as the owner, Linda Sumadewi. It's already in YouTube  (here is the link of Warung Nongkrong video) and hope you can watch it fully.

If you want to know more, langsung kepoin IG nyaaa yaa, bisa check out di sini: IG Warung Nongkrong

Warung Nongkrong di Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
Cheers from the 4 of us at Warung Nongkrong

Alamatnya Warung Nongkrong adalah Jl. Z.A. Pagaralam no. 30, Kedaton, Bandar Lampung. It is so easy to find this place as it is located by the main road. You won't miss it!

So, that's a little review I have for Warung Nongkrong (WN) in Bandar Lampung. Hope you get to visit this lovely place and let's support the local business in our neighborhood. 
Cheers and see you on the next story!

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali with Bali Local Guides

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia

Coming back to Bali after quite sometimes really thrilled me.

Since the pandemic started roughly in March in Indonesia, I haven't flown anywhere, be it domestic or international flights. For the benefit of us all, all traveling and gathering were cancelled and/or reschedule. Many countries have implemented lock down policy or 14-day quarantine for foreign travelers.  Indonesia is applying similar policy as well.

But as we move on and implement 'new normal' approach during the pandemic which still lasts till now, we start traveling and attending meetings in small scale. Of course under very strict health protocol. In Indonesia, we are obliged to submit non-reactive rapid test or negative swab test result before flying. We also need to download e-HAC or electronic Health Alert Card application on our phone so that the Ministry of Healthy can have proper tracking of us in case there is a spread of COVID-19 from one of our trips. I guess I will share some details about new way of traveling in Indonesia later on separate post.

Long story short, I visited Bali again in the middle of October. It was the first time ever since March 2020. Usually, by the end of the year, I would have visited Bali 3-4 times, for meetings as well as short break with my munchkins. But of course that was before the pandemic. I never thought I could go back to Bali this soon but I was super happy indeed.

I stayed in Ubud (read: The Royal Pita Maha Resort, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia) for three days before I moved to Kuta area and shared in Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. While I stayed here, I made an appointment with some friends from Bali Local Guides,- Jean, Angga, Okta and Irwin. I was super excited as we haven't met in persons before although we have met in so many virtual meet-ups. Jean and I even join some Whatsapp groups together. 

So on my last night in Bali (I stayed for 5 days and 4 nights), we planned to meet near the Sheraton Hotel In Kuta. Actually, there is a big mall next to the hotel where we initially planned to meet but since the pandemic, many places close at 8 PM. That's why we decided to look for the place near the area and voilaa... we found Warung Cuci Mata

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
welcome to Warung Cuci Mata

It is not so far from Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort and Beachwalk mall, it is very so very convenient to those staying in or visiting the area.

 It is situated by the street and you won't miss it.  It has benches and bean bags as well as booths of food vendors. There are various food being offered here,  a mix of traditional, Balinese food as well as hype, most-wanted food and munchies. 

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
One of the menus

I tried Nasi kuning campur Bali with ayam betutu (It's Balinese way of marinating and cooking chicken and duck, using Indonesian traditional herbs, 
super good and spicy), as well as sate telor puyuh or the quail eggs satay, bihun goreng or fried vermicelli, and sambal goreng tempe or the spicy fried tempe, the famous soy bean cake. We also ordered Korean cheese and garlic bread, grilled sausage and churros. All of them are yummy indeed. 

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
the yummy nasi kuning with ayam betutu..

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Korean Garlic Cheese Bread, everyone..

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
The Cheese fries... yuuum

The price is manageable and friendly, like around 2oK Rupiah for a complete set of Nasi Bali and french fries for 15K Rupiah or USD 1. We still have more menu as well here such as fajita and kebab. We all enjoyed our order and loved them all.

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Angga, Irwin and Okta from Bali Local Guides

The place is mask - mandatory and you have to clean your hands before entering and temperature checked. Seats are placed in safe distance. The five of us were sitting in one corner with disinfected desks and chairs. 

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
Let's play..

We had so much fun chatting and exchanges gifts. Not to forget taking tons of pictures, including in the playground area which is pretty much Instagramable and cute. The five of us holding various banners and signs from Google Local Guides and posed. Click.. we got series of photos in this very spot.

Warung Cuci Mata, Kuta, Bali Indonesia
The five of us.. Jakarta and Bali Local Guides 

When we came here, there was a live band playing. Lovely indeed, although it didn't stay that long like it used to be. The place was packed but safely distance from one another. We used our masks all the time, expect while eating and drinking. So I guess this place is highly recommended as it is safe, clean, has lovely menu with friendly price, and open air as well. 

Thank you so much Jean, Angga, Irwin et Okta for making our short but sweet rendezvous so enjoyable and memorable as well. 

I came here after the malls and many restaurants in Kuta, Bali, closed. I know it's a bit sad to see Kuta this deserted, knowing that this place is famous for its vibes and 24-hour vibrant communities. But during the pandemic, most places close at 8 PM. Hope seen everything will be back to normal and we can again travel as well as gather with family and friends.

Meanwhile, stay safe, happy and healthy, wherever you are!