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Lampung is Calling! Up Close and Personal with the Treasure of Sumatera

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021

It was 10.30 in the morning.

The smell of roasting coffee welcomed me as I stepped into the towering entry gate of Els Coffee Roastery. I instantly smiled. 

This is home.

Welcome back, Indah


I have just arrived in Lampung the day before, early in the morning arriving from Bandung. I am weary, but super excited at the same time.

My visit to Lampung this time is special. 

Well, every visit is, but this time I come with a special mission, to join series of event for Lampung Krakatau Festival 2021. The 30th time of all, the first time after the pandemic.

Since COVID-19 rummaged the world, the tourism world were frozen, if not stumbling down. The same goes to the tourism sector in Lampung and many parts of Indonesia. Nevertheless, long story short, after tireless and determined efforts to beat the pandemic and rejuvenate the dying tourism sector, the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmentally Sustainable) Standard has been applied by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industry in Indonesia towards all relevant sectors in tourism. This is conducted in order to ensure all visitors, from Indonesia and all over the world, can continue enjoying their visit to Indonesia without fear, hesitation and doubt towards their own safety and comfort. With that spirit, the tourism board of Lampung is holding the legendary Lampung Krakatau Festival again in 2021. To tell the world that Lampung, the treasure of Sumatera, is once again ready to welcome you all!

Lampung Krakatau Festival is back!

What makes Lampung Krakatau Festival 2021 special is because for the first time, there is Lampung Familiarization Trip as well. No less than 30 bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and content creators coming from different parts of Indonesia, including from Lampung, joined the trip. In 3 days, starting from November 4th to November 6th, we were scheduled to explore the beauty of Lampung, from its amazing landscapes, incredible culinary experience, unique cultural dimensions, and beyond. Super excited indeed!

The trip started on November 4th, where we had groups coming from  Jakarta, Bekasi, Banjarnegara, Sumedang, Bogor and different cities flying to Lampung. Meanwhile, those based in Lampung and Baturaja, South Sumatera, waited in Batiqa Hotel, where all the participants stayed.

First stop, Els Coffee Roastery in Bandar Lampung. This place is indeed a must visit cafe and roastery when you are in the area. Here, after fulfiling the health protocol like washing hands, checking temperature and checking in using Peduli Lindungi app, we witnessed the roasting process of Lampungnese coffee live from the spot. Moreover, we also enjoyed free tea and the latte art, presented by the home baristas. Moreover, we also had presentations, introduction session with the Head of Lampungnese Tourism Board, Bapak Endarwan, as well as Elky, the owner of Els Coffee Roastery, followed by lunch break. We certainly had some games and lots of giveaways are being given, with some questions given by our MC as well as .our organizer, Ari Tomat. It was fun indeed! 

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
cute swan and a lovely heart

I wrote more about this place here: Els Coffee Roastery Lampung, More Than Just a Coffee Shop. And for sure, you can check it out in my live report at my YouTube channel as well here.

Right after that, we were heading to Lambang Gedung Kuning, where we were warmly welcomed in traditional Lampungnese way. Hosted by Dang Ike Edwin, our visit to the cultural house was indeed packed with interesting story about Lampung and its colorful cultures a place, complete with a 'palace' tour with historic memorabilias, artifacts and more. Being a true-blue Lampungnese family who has royal bloodline from one of the sultanate in Lampung, Dang Ike Edwin 

Welcome by Siger Penguten dance at Lamban Gedung Kuning, Lampung

We enjoyed the graceful Lampungnese dances being performed. They welcomed us with Tari Bedana or Siger Penguten which symbolizes the welcoming of dignitaries. Later they performed another dance which was used in gathering of the youth because it is so playful.

We even had durian competition, which brought so many participants to eat as many durian as possible, courtesy of the host. All winners (which are all the participants) brought home packages and goodie bags from the local produce and souvenirs. 

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
the duriaaaan...

For sure, we also had photo sessions here and there while enjoying the details of Lamban Gedung Kuning as well as the private collections of Dang Ike Edwin, coming from different parts of Indonesia and the world as well.

The four of us,- Amel, Aip, Uni Rai and me, posing in Lamban Gedung Kuning

Done with all those durian and memorable session in Lamban Gedung Kuning, we headed to Batiqa Hotel, where all the participants were staying, to taste some of their signature menus and new food, while at the same time enjoying a little break before joining Pesona Kemilau Lampungthe ceremony of the Lampung Krakatau Festival 2021. 

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
Cheers from all of us after Pesona Kemilau Lampung event

That night, we rushed to Novotel Lampung, the venue of Pesona Kemilau Lampung to enjoy our dinner and the soirée. We certainly had so much fun that night, with wonderful food to enjoy, new friends to meet, and melangé of Lampungnese sparkling cultures and arts beautifully performed to enjoy. We saw different dances from many parts of Lampung, like tari  Bedana and  Tari Nenemo from Tulang Bawang Barat, one of the regents in Lampung provinceTruly an amazing and enjoyable showcase of cultures, wrapped in beautiful costumes, graceful movements and joyful music! 

Nenemo Dance from Tulang Bawang Barat

Check out my video on my YouTube channel here.

Before the night was wrapped, there was a fashion show by Mama Una and friends, who are the rising fashion designers in the area, as well as performances from the Band singing Lampungnese songs and more, including those that I learnt at school! Sweet memories indeed. And that's a wrap for the first day. 

On the second day, November 5th, we started the journey early because we were going to spend our time on the island and the beach. Yes, Pahawang and Kelagian islands, here we come!

We went to Ketapang Port to catch our boat ride. There were two boats being prepared for our group and everybody was super excited indeed. First stop is Kelagian island, where many of us took tons of photos, videos and drone footage while the others, including me, trying paddle board for the first time. 

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
trying the paddle board at Kelagian Island

Thanks to Restu Bumi Adventure for bringing the boards and patiently taught us how to do it! I myself tried it for the first time and although it was very tough, I loved it!

We went snorkeling as well around the area and for sure, we took some underwater photos as well here. So many to see and for sure it is always good to be back to these beautiful islands dotting around the Lampung Bay.

Snorkeling at Pahawang Island, Lampung
Ari Tomat, snorkeling at Pahawang Island

Happy snorkeling, paddle boarding and taking tons of photos and videos, we went to Bumi Pahawang Resort for our delicious lunch! We all ate together on top of banana leaves, or in bahasa Indonesia (or Javanese I guess) we called it bancakan, with space in between. We had steam rice, grilled fish, sayur asem or sweet and sour soup, sambal terasi or fresh chili sauce with shrimp paste, added with tempe and spicy krecek. Afterwards, we also had fresh water melon and pempek or the fish cake. Delicious indeed. We also got a chance to had room tour at Bumi Pahawang Resort. I would definitely go back here again.

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
Riungan... lunch together at Bumi Pahawang Resort

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
Bumi Pahawang Resort

Then, after the beautiful day on the islands and on the beach, we headed back to Bandar Lampung with our big bus. Dinner was then served in Lembah Batu Heritage. I skipped it because I was super tired but judging from the group's photos, they certainly had a blast indeed! 

Finally, on the third day, November 6th, we started the day - trip by heading to Lamban Batik Lampung  in the morning. I skipped this as well (but a couple days later, I came here and bought 6 pieces of Batik Lampung!) but I joined the group again for the visit to Madu Suhita or Suhita Bee Farm to see up close and personal this wonderful place. At the same place, we learnt about sibori or the ecoprint, beautifully presented by Kahut Siger Bori. I share more about it in my previous post: A Visit to Suhita Bee Farm and Kahut Sigerbori Lampung

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021

It was indeed a great experience where since the very beginning, as we walked along the flowing river and greeneries, were welcomed by local kids dancing the traditional Lampungnese dance, we learnt, tried and discussed a lot regarding the conservation of the surrounding areas, the economic-generating activities in the bee farm benefitting the local communities, as well as the fun way of expressing our artistic soul in an environmentally - friendly way through eco print. My daughter, who came joining me in this visit, and I really enjoy the Sibori session and here's what we had made.

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
let's make Sibori tote bage

Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021
participants were ready to create the eco print bag, after listening to the instructions

We also enjoyed our lunch here, with pecel, steamed veggies with spicy peanut sauce dressing, over rice wrapped in banana leaves. Eating it in the middle of the greeneries? Heaven indeed. Not to mention trying various honey produced here, including its super healthy propolis! Lucky us!

lunch time! pecel wrapped in banana leaves

Then, all good things have to come to an end. 
We had to say goodbye to all the participants from outside of Lampung who would catch their flight back to Jakarta. We took them to the airport and bid them farewell, wishing them all a safe trip back and hopefully Lampung will forever stay in their heart.

It's been a great journey indeed and appreciation goes to Lampung Tourism Board, especially the team preparing all these trips. Shout out to Ari Tomat, Ses Mega and the whole team for their extra hard work and sleepless nights. It was awesome, guys! I also love meeting so many new friends from different parts of Indonesia. Some have been friends on social media for some times and I finally got a chance to actually meet them in persons. Yaaaay

Tabik pun.... Ikam di Lampung, yay.. lovely mural at Batiqa Hotel Lampung

Lampung indeed has a lot to offer and to those who seek never ending adventures, wrapped in amazing natural landscape, tummy-loving culinary explorations, and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Now that I am far, far away from home, I sincerely hope I will see beautiful Lampung again. Maybe not anytime soon for me, but you, my friends, are welcomed to come and visit Lampung anytime.

See you around, Lampung!

A Visit to Suhita Bee Farm and Kahut Sigerbori Lampung

A Visit Suhita Bee Farm and Kahut Sigerbori Lampung
A Visit to Suhita Bee Farm and Kahut Sigerbori Lampung

One of our itinerary during Lampung Krakatau Festival 2021 and Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021 is visiting Suhita Bee Farm and learning more about Kahut Sigerbori Lampung and its famous eco print.

welcome to Suhita Bee Farm

It was really an unforgettable journey and I went there with my daughter Obi as well as the participants of the Trip. We took the bus to head to Suhita Bee farm located in Batu Putu, Teluk Betung Utara, Bandar Lampung. It took us around 40 minutes from the hotel, but then another 10 - 15 minutes walk from the road to the actual bee farm. The walk was nice, as we enjoyed the surrounding areas with fresh air, clean river and beautiful wild flowers along the way.

We were warmly welcomed by the local communities there who run the bee farm. They welcomed us with beautiful Lampungnese dance. It was so lovely. 

We had a quick lunch before having the briefing about the farm as well as trying sibori or the ecoprint. We were so excited to hear more about the place, the honey being produced as well as the environmentally friendly way of art works. 

A Visit Suhita Bee Farm and Kahut Sigerbori Lampung

The lunch was super! We enjoyed pecel served in banana leaves with vegetable fritters, or bakwan,  and fried tofu, or tahu goreng, fried tempe  as well as peyek. More over, we also had steamed corn, cassava, banana, sweet potatoes and peanuts. Without further ado, we all rummaged the lunch packages. Everything was indeed delicious! Yummy!

A Visit Suhita Bee Farm and Kahut Sigerbori Lampung
lunch is ready!

It's great to get a chance to have lunch in such a lovely and peaceful ambience under the sun! 

nasi pecel on banana leaves

It is interesting to hear the story about this place on how the local communities were taking real actions to save the environment and keep the earth green and greener, while at the same time making economy - generating activities that will benefit the communities. All the surrounding greeneries prove to be the best homes and provide food for the bees as well. I got a chance to try the propolis  directly from the bee hives as well the premium bees which costs IDR 1.7 million per kilogram. Super good, packed with all the benefits from honey, and for sure healthy!

the beehive...

Then we tried making sibori tote bag. Under the guidance It was super fun and very educative as well. Eco print is certainly another way to save the environment and love our earth by reducing the use of chemicals. Everybody enjoyed it, including my daughter Obi. 

Obi and her sibori bag

getting ready for our sibori session

So first, we had the plain tote bag ready and the gavel that you use to smash the flowers and leaves to leave the print. We chose different leaves and flowers to adorn the bag. We put the leaves and flowers inside the bag and started smashing them until you see different colors and patterns. It turned out beautiful indeed. 

Well, all in in, it has been an incredible experience for me and my daughter. I bet all the participants of Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021 enjoyed it so much. Once again, thank you Lampung, particularly the Tourism Board, for this opportunity. 

Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung

Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung
Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung

Is that a sea snake?

It was my second dive that day and together with my group as well as my diving buddy, we went down to Kelagian island, after enjoying our first dive in Green Stone area, near Tanjung Putus Lampung. We just had our photo session underwater when I saw that slithering move of sea snake. And boy, it was a big one! My buddy and I were looking at each other and we took the videos as well as the photos from safe distance. We were a bit afraid but we knew what we have to do when we saw sea snake and again, try to keep the safe distance.

the sea snake we encountered

And my friend, that's the last diving trip I had in Lampung before leaving to New Zealand.


It was a wonderful Saturday.

Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung

The sun was shining, although not too scorchingly hot. The wind was not that strong and we enjoyed the boat ride we took from Ketapang port heading to Green Stone. Ketapang port was packed with visitors. Looks like things are improving and tourism is starting to pick up the pace again. I was glad to see that people are wearing the masks all the time and safe distance is indeed maintain.

So we started the journey at 9 AM and we had our first dive at 11 A. It took around 1.5 hour ride to reach the first spot and we settled the equipments for a while. 

Diving trip to Green Stone and Kelagian Island Lampung

My first dive took around 74 minutes and what a dive! I really had so much time and feels like the ocean is smiling to me! We have great visibility, wonderful objects to enjoy, record and photo. 

great visibility indeed

We stopped by at Green Bay Resort, Tanjung Putus area for lunch. It was as beautiful as ever. We had Padangnese food but there, the owner, Ko Aling, who happens to be my diving buddy as well, welcomed us and offered us some seafood platters. Super yum indeed!

bon appetit

lunch break at Tanjung Putus Island

Then we headed to the second spot, Kelagian island, for the second dive. That's where we saw the snake.

On our way back home, we  finally enjoyed the famous sunset in Lampung Bay. It has been a wonderful day at Lampung and amazing diving trip as always. I can't wait to go back here again, although perhaps I will have to wait for quite some times. 

Thank you so much, Lampung

Stay fabulous, Lampung, and see you again soon.

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Brilliant sky at Lampung Bay

We have been enjoying Lampung so much on our last days before departing to Wellington, New Zealand.

After joining Lampung Krakatau Festival 2021 and Lampung Familiarization Trip 2021, I extended our stay in Lampung up to 2 weeks. We certainly had a blast. Not only that we explore some places we haven't visited before such as Lamban Gedung Kuning, Sebalang Beach, Lamban Batik Lampung and Lampung museum, we got a chance to meet our family and friends. It has been weeks filled with trips, laughters, comfort food and lots of love. 

I also took the kids to new places like bee farm in Batu Putu and tried sibori ecoprint technique. It was quite an experience for us. 

Not to mention ziarah, visiting the graves of our beloved families. My late dad, grandparents from both sides, as well as our uncle's graves were visited by us. It becomes sort of a custom that brings me comfort as well, sending our best prayers to those who have passed before us. I really miss my dad. I always sort of 'report' and talked to him whenever I can, including in important events such us our assignment. May Allah SWT always protect and love him in heaven. 

Well, next, I have my diving trip and more farewell parties to attend. May we all stay safe, happy and healthy. Always.

Welcome back ..

Now, let me invite you to join us on Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends.

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