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WW: the First Girl Scout in the USA

Being a girl scout or Pramuka since in elementary school, I didn't miss the chance to visit the first girls scout headquarters in Savannah during our #road-trip this summer.

It was the house of Julliette Low ...

Savannah, Georgia
the first one in the USA

As Savannah is a beautiful and charming small town, we managed to walk around the place and visited the headquarters.

a lovely place indeed

Savannah, Georgia
Mrs. Juliette Low

The headquarters from the front..

The house has been transformed into a museum and gift shop.
And we just love to visit this place :).

support breast cancer ..thank you girl scout :)

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WW: Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

One of the most beautiful cities we visited during the #RoadtripUSA #summer #2015 is Savannah, Georgia.

We instantly fell in love with its' beautiful houses, yummy cuisines, friendly and laid-back people as well as the giant oaks beautifully adorned with Spanish mosh.

One of the most visited places here in Savannah is the Bonaventure Cemetery.

Yup, the cemetery.

one fine day..

But far from feeling scary or haunted (although this place is famous for its ghosts as well :)), we felt so peaceful and relaxed while stroling around its huge complex.

Besides the famous locals being burried here and fantastic oaks line as well as Gothic tombstones, the famous Bird Girl statue, from the cover of Midneight in the Garden of Good and Evil, is another reason why this place is pretty famous.
Too bad the statue has been moved to Telfair Museum. 

But we certainly get a lot to see here.. 

Including the one-and-only Gracie :)
May she rest in peace..

I managed to take picture here and there as well, thanks to my hubby, Udi :)

I was wearing my Tais tenun (the traditional  fabrics from North Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia)  mixed with Sengkang sarong jacket from Batik Chic, Miu-miu black asymetrical skirt, green top from my tailor in Lampung :),  purple fedora from the street fair in front of Grand Central and Madurese batik bag from Batik Chic as well :)

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