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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Happy 4th of July, America!

This is the time of the year for wonderful view of Macy's Fireworks.
Last year we did go to Long Island City to get the best view of the fireworks.
This time, I just enjoy it near my temporary accommodation at the office in Midtown Manhattan.

But I feel so sad as my hubby and my kids already flew back to Indonesia on July 3rd.

I will see you soon, love 

Well, the school starts on July 16 in Indonesia so my kids got to be there before it starts for all the preparation and further adjustment. It's a bummer as Bo et Obi won't really have time to enjoy summer break.
But that's the cycle of our nomadic life.
I know it's tough but I sincerely hope my munchkins can handle it.
I know they can!

we're getting ready
But now, let's enjoy this week's edition of Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls! 
Have fun!


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Sky Fall...

Remember the movie?
With Adele's fabulous song as the OST?

Well.. This post has nothing to do with that :)
I just remembered that word when I saw the sky this morning. 

Astoria Park, just two blocks from my house, is like our own backyard. 
And in autumn, it looks heavenly.

So, one balmy morning I woke up and decided to walk to the park.

When I looked up,  I just love what I saw.

So blue...
So Fall...
The Sky Fall...

I have mentioned it several time that autumn is indeed my favorite season.
There is something magical when you see those leaves changing colors gracefully. The last festivities before the winter queen is coming.

truly a beautiful Fall morning :)

And the sky is the solid canvas where I say my prayers and whisper my thanks to my Rabb. 

The LIRR afar..

For this wonderful day.
For this beautiful life.

Join us sky lovers on Skywatch Friday and witness those beautiful sky from different corners of the world.

WW: Turandot at The Metropolitan Opera

Watching Opera is probably not my cup of tea but I certainly enjoy it.

Last week I managed to sneak out of my never-ending meeting and headed to the Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center to watch Turandot.

Have you heard of Turandot before?
Frankly spekaing, the first time I heard about it is when I got the ticket :).
And this 3-act opera written by Giacomo Puccini is awesome.
You can easily google it for the complete story but for sure Turandot is another vivid reminder that eventually love conquers everything, including the frozen heart of the Chinese princess, Turandot :)

let's have a seat :)

It was a great performance indeed, truly a feast to my eyes and ears.
The voices, the costumes, the properties...
All are so brilliantly showcased.
Although it is in Italian, thanks to the running text, I can easily follow this love story.

the poster outside of the Theater..

cheeers...sneaking a picture befor it started :)

Since I can't take pictures during the performance, here are some snaps I got before, during the intermission and after the show ;)

full house indeed..

the talented casts...
the wall of fame...some of the pictures of the famous artists ..

So, all in all watching Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera is really a great experience.
Have you seen opera before?
Do you like it?

Join me in Wordless Wednesday and have a great bloghopping experinece :)

Fun Saturday at Rocket Park Mini Golf

The weather gets colder indeed here in NYC but we just don't wanna miss the fun outside while we have the sun.

We had some birthday party outside and after that we decided  to visit New York Hall of Science. It is a lovely place you would love to spend some time with your kids for sure but I am going to give you the details on the Hall of Science on another post. 

But let me know how fun it was when we spent some times at the Rocket Park Mini Golf at Flushing Meadows. It is located inside the park of the New York Hall of Science.

clear blue sky..but cold :)

Bo et Udi, my hubby really enjoyed the mini golf...

the mini golf was fun..

As the member of the NY Hall of science, we got USD 1 discount and we paid for  USD 4 for kids while adult is USD 5. 

As I said, my boys really enjoyed it while Obi and I laughed out loud looking at their frequent attempts - and mostly-failed shots :).

let me try it again :)

For Bo, it was the first time for him to try golf. And boy, he is super excited ;)

Udi showing Bo how to do it least according to him :)
And my hubby really enjoyed teaching Bo as well.
Well, golf is not really his thing but apparently he got the knack of it :)

the nine courses of the mini golf..

As usual, it has 9 holes with different levels of difficulties.
And it has 2 NASA rockets adorning the course as well :).
Another unique thing here is that the kids are introduced to many concepts related to the spaceships, gravity, launch window and many more.
Super cool indeed :).

So if you happen to be around, don't miss Rocket Park Mini Golf :)

New York Hall of Science
47-01 111th Street
Flushing Meadows, Corona Park
Queens, NY 11368
Phone : 718-699-0005