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Throwback Tuesday: A glimpse of Rathaus Basel, Switzerland

Welcome to Basel, CH :)

Has anyone been to Basel, Switzerland before?
I am back to my #throwbacktuesday mode and this time around, I would love to share our short trip to Basel, Switzerland. 

Untuk perjalanan kali ini, saya mau sharing cerita seru #MyItchyFeet ke Basel, Swiss.
I know, perjalanan ini kita lakukan di awal tahun 2010, - 7 tahun yang lalu - tapi boleh kan ya aku ceritakan di sini :). Meskipun sudah lama, banyak hal yang tetap sama sampai sekarang.

Basel is one of the buy cities in Switzerland, the third most populous in this country as a matter of fact. Strategically located in northwest Switzerland bordering with Germany and France, German is dominantly used here, with a special Swiss dialect for sure.

Kota Basel memang terletak di perbatasan Swiss, Jerman dan Perancis. Namun karena lebih dominan warga Swiss keturunan Jerman, bahasa, budaya dan makanan yang banyak ditemui di Basel memang sarat dengan pengaruh Jerman. Seru juga sih, karena kami tinggal di Geneve yang dominan dengan bahasa dan budaya Perancis, jadi hitung-hitung seperti  main ke Jerman :).

Arriving at Basel train station or Banhof Basel :)
Our trip to Basel took place in 2010 and it was the first time for us to use the carte journalìere or a special one-day ticket of train where you can go anywhere in Switzerland. 
Yes, anywhere.
As long as the trip matches the date of your ticket.
The tickets are provided for Swiss residents, so that you need to provide proof of resident to your nearest Mairie Meyrin.
So we got 2 tickets as Bo didn't need the ticket yet.
It costs CHF 30 per person, but again you can go anywhere you want in Switzerland.
Quite a bargain, right.

And what I love about taking the train in Switzerland is that the view along the way is so breathtaking.

on the way to Basel..

And the train itself is super comfy.

ma petite Bo :)

As we arrived at Basel, we realized we didn't really have much time.
We had angklung rehearsal later that evening.
As the trip itself took 3 hours by train from Geneva, we decided to go straight to Basel Town Hall, or known as Roothuus or Rathaus Basel.
This town hall is right in the middle of the city and famous for being beautifully red :).

The town hall is a unique architecture.
I don't really have the detailed stories about it but this small Town Hall is adorned with so many frescoes and sculptures.
Let's see some of the photos we took there, shall we?

Rathaus Basel
the faces
In one of the corners of the building, we found a classic clock on the wall.

the arches..

For sure, we took the liberty to take pictures here and there.
With my tiny-at-that-time Bo :).
Obi was not even born yet.

And this is how the Town Hall looked from across the street.

That's my #throwbacktuesday, a glimpse of Rathaus Basel, Switzerland.
What's your wonderful memories today?

p.s : I will keep my Throwback Tuesday features but will post it every Wednesday or Thursday :).