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Indonesia, A True Partner for Democracy, Development, and Social Justice - Photo Exhibition

Indonesia, a true partner
Colourful Tenun, handcrafted in Indonesia. Photo by Antara
Indonesia is once again seeking for one of the seats of the United Nations Human Rights Council for the years 2020 - 2022.

Being a democratic country with the  biggest Moslem population in the world, Indonesia has a lot to share and to learn from one another in terms of promotion and protection of human rights. 

As one of the founding members of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Indonesia continues working on upholding the UNGA resolution 60/251 as the basis of the Council’s work, that human rights are universal, indivisible, interrelated and interdependent. Of course is not always that easy as no country in the world has perfect human rights records. Indonesia is no exception. Even those claiming themselves as 'human rights champion' do have issues here and there. But the most important part is we continue to take tireless efforts to address 

As part of our campaign for this, we held a photo exhibition titled Indonesia, A True Partner for Democracy, Development, and Social Justice. It was held in Pasarelle Bridge, Palais des Nations, Geneva from June 25 - July 5, 2019

Indonesia is indeed committed to play a more active role in global human rights deliberation through constructive engagement, dialogue, and cooperation. It is not always that easy to do so but we stand ready enhance our works in the field of human rights with other stakeholders.

To further promote international collaboration to ensure that UN Human Rights mechanisms will contribute towards global stability, peaceful and friendly relations between nations, as well as creating an enabling environment for peace, security, and socio-economic development.

At the opening of Indonesia’s photo exhibition, we had our Deputy Minister for Public Diplomacy to share with you our journey in strengthening our democracy, enhancing our development and ensuring social justice for all.

Here are some photos we have for the exhibition.

I was trusted to help the preparation of the photo exhibition as well the conduct of the exp itself at UN Headquarters in Geneva, Palais des Nations. It was quite a long journey to get the photos that properly and artistically reflect the messages we have here. Most of the photos were bought from Antara, our press bureau, and some are from the Minsitry's documents.

It was really a previlidge to be here and for me, it is also part of the celebration of our partnership with the UN and other member states in promotion and protection of human rights across the globe.

Our Deputy Minister opened the exhibition officially
As people walk through the Pasarelle bridge, we hope that the exhibition will deliver our message that Indonesia stands ready to work with you, as a true partner for Democracy, Development, and Social Justice.

Cheers from the complete team! Jakarta and Geneve..
Wish us luck!

Indonesia, a True Partner for Democracy, Development and Social Justice.

WW: The Council Chamber, Palais des Nations Geneva

Hi there!
Allow me to invite you all to continue our journey at Palais des Nations, or the Palace of the Nations - United Nations Headquarters at Geneve, Switzerland 🇨🇭.

Last time, I took you to Room XX or Alliance of Civilization Room,  commissioned by the Government of Kingdom of Spain which spent around € 20 Million. As I have showed you in WW: Mini Me, Batik, and Room XX Palais des Nations, this place looks spectacular with its super unique ceillings, filled with colorful stalactites.

Now, I will show you one of the most historical parts of Palais des Nations.
The Council Chamber.

Welcome to the Council Chamber

I just love the wonderful mural painted by JosĂ© Maria Sent, wonderful Catalan artist 

The Council Chamber has been very well known for its exquisite design and the fact that it has been used since the era of the League of Nations, the international organization which started what the United Nations is now. Many important issues have been discussed in this very room, including the Gulf war and disarmaments.

Wanna know more about the history of this very room?
Stick around then. I will definitely share more on the next post.
Meanwhile, enjoy some of these photos and tell me which on is your favorite!

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WW: Mini Me, Batik, and Room XX Palais des Nations

Coming back to Geneva. for series of UN Human Rights Council meetings, I had so much fun exploring this place again.

Palais des Nations is truly one incredible place. 
I have been coming back here and forth and still be amazed by its ageless beauty. 
Sitting as the UN Office or the European headquarters, this palace-turn-into-office has been one of the jewels of the city of Geneva.

I spent most of my time at Room XX, or the Alliance of Civilization Room.
Commissioned by the Government of Spain, this room has uber unique and incredible ceiling! Take a look a it.

The ceiling of Room XX, Palais des Nations

UN Human Rights Council has conducted so many meetings in this very room.
In a year, UN HRC has 3 sessions, that is es every February - March, June-July, and September. Let alone other related meetings at the UN HRC, which take around 42 weeks in a year. Full calendar indeed. 

Here are some photos of Mini Me, Batik, and Room XX Palais des Nations

Before we start the meeting

During the meeting

My favorite lanyard

This year, Indonesia is not the member of UN HRC.
We are campaigning to be the member for 2020 - 2022.
It is indeed a tough campaign as we have 5 candidates,- Indonesia, Marshall Islands, Iraq, South Korea, and Japan -  for 4 seats representing Asia Pacific.
Wish us luck, dear friends.

Mini me is also enjoying the meeting, I dare say.
She's been traveling along with me and shares many sleepless night during the preparation as well as the meeting itself.

I have the priviledge to wear my purple-and-green Batik cape from Galeri Batik Avara (check their Facebook and Instagram accounts, please :)) this time.
I have been a great fan of their work, particularly the Batik Cape.
My hand-written Madura Batik, in deep purple and green, looks great with the combination in 2 tone purple.
Matching jelly-fish earrings from @uniqlykamea (check it on Instagram) are match-form-heaven for this cape.

Well, I will be back with more stories from Geneve and meanwhile, wishing you all a great week ahead!

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WW: Back to Geneva

Back to Geneva for meetings and boy, how I miss this place!
Its ageless beauty still mesmerizes me, no matter how many times I have come and visited this lovely city.
Being a United Nations European headquarters, Geneva has been bustling with vibrant international spirit, although its tradition is still well-maintained.

So here are some photos I took during my visit to Geneva.
I took the liberty to stroll around Lac Leman, or Lake Geneva, on Sunday, before I had those back-breaking series of meetings at Palais des Nations.

Jet d'eau or the famous water fountain in Geneva is indeed the main attraction, beside the clear water of the lake and beautiful blue sky. 

the swans and the ducks were happily swimming around

Cheers from mini me

one beautiful Sunday

the Brunswick monument

Jet d'Eau..seen from bain des Paquis..

I also walked to the Old Town or Vieille Ville to enjoy St. Pierre chatedral, Les Armoures and the City Hall. I will happily share more stories as well as my itinerary in Geneva if you want to explore it by foot.

Me and Les Armoures..

St. Pierre Cathedral..

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Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Hi, everyone.. 
I have been running around lately but I have tried to update My Purple World as always.
This week, I am assigned to attend some meeting in Geneve. Always good to be back here :)

Good to be back :)

As I arrived on Sunday, I spent such a beautiful day at Annecy, France. 
It is indeed one of my favorite cities near Geneve, CH.

In short, I am blessed to get the opportunity to go back to Geneve although I am overwhelmed by the works :).

welcoming myself back :)

And now...let's party!

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