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Thai Phuket Restaurant, Geneve, Switzerland

"Are you ready to order?' asked the female waiter, beautifully dressed in flashy purple Thai silk dress, to me as I flipped the menu book.
"Oui.." I confidently answered in French, which felt only appropriate as I sat comfortably with my friends at Thai Phuket restaurant, Geneve.

Super hungry, I have a long list of my favorite appetizers and main courses, as well as dessert, if I have some place left in my happy tummy.

The last time I visited this place was 2015, in November, during my last visit to Geneve, or as I frequently dubbed as my second kampung,- hometown, in bahasa Indonesia,  after Lampung, Indonesia.

Whenever I crave for yummy and fresh Thai food, Thai Phuket restaurant is my choice while in Geneve. It becomes sort of a habitual action to go to this place during my lunch break 

Strategically located near the UN Office in Geneve and UNHCR HQ, this restaurant offers a great variety of Thai food you will definitely love. They also have lunch specials with two choices, with or without desserts. For Geneva standard, the price is reasonable, around CHF 30 for the special lunch menu but before drinks and tax  (although for the US standard, that's quite expensive :)). If it is a la càrte, then it might be around CHF 50 per person..

So now, let's take a look at my choices here.

My favorite appetizer is Tom Yang Khung soup (excuse my pronunciation) and fish cake.
Of course these two are people's favorite and I have to say the soup here is fresh and yummy, perfect balance between the tangy kick of citronelle or lemon the spicy chili with fresh shrimps and mushrooms. As for the fish cake, I love the guewy taste of fish, spices and herbs, and lemongrass on it. Dip it in hot, sweet and sour sauce and your good :).

hot and yummy tom yang khung..
fish cake..
Then for the main course, I chose steam fish, chicken curry and basil, and fried tofu with vegetable saute. The fried tofu is really good because it was freshly made from soft tofu, sautée with shrimps and veggies, served on hot plate. Sizzling and yummy!

my fave...fried tofu with shrimp, eggs, and veggie saute.

Mind you, I came here with 4 other friends so we shared all these yummy food.
And the size or the portion of the food is unlike here at the US. Decently enough for 2, or maximum 3 if they don't really eat that much.

chicken curry and basil

Pad Thai and papaya salad are two other favorite menus. Plus different kind of curry,- reed, green, yellow - with a toss of beef, chicken, or pork

And the desserts are delicious as well. I love the traditional mango and sticky rice as well as red ruby, the water crest with palm sugar and coconut oil!

the sticky rice with mango and coconut milk 

Well, if you happen to be around, don't miss the opportunity to try this one!
The restaurant is located at  Avenue de France 33, 1202 Geneve, near Coop Montbrillant and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees' office.
The opening hours : 12 - 2.30 PM, and 7 - 11 PM.

So, do you like Thai or other Asian food?
What's your favorite?