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All white in Zermatt, Switzerland


Di hari-hari terakhir tahun 2016, saya semakin bersyukur diberikan nikmat kesehatan dan kesempatan untuk terus menjejakkan kaki di berbagai tempat indah ciptaan-Nya.
Waktu melihat foto album di berbagai platform media sosial maupun external harddisk saya yang asli udah mau penuh aja (lagi) rasanya terharu karena Gusti Maha Baik masih terus memberikan kesempatan untuk bersyukur pada-Nya.

Merci ya Rabb.

Happy to be back here with #MyItchyFeet story.
It's been quite sometimes as I returned from my last trip to Zermatt, Switzerland.
It was a business trip but I managed to use some extra time to have my rendez-vous trip to places I love and meet those close to my heart.
Napak tilas, as we said that in bahasa Indonesia.

Salah satu tempat tujuan terakhir  adalah kembali ke Swiss 
Dan bonusnya adalah menikmati Matterhorn.
Iya, Matterhorn..yang nangkring cantik di bungkus coklat Toblerone #bukaniklan.
Inget ngga :)

This time, I stayed for about 7 days in Geneve, CH.
Not that long but enough to fulfill my mission.
Mission: say hi to Matterhorn and visit Zermatt.

Have you ever heard of Matterhorn?

Or, if the name is not so familiar, do you notice the iconic peak you see on Toblerone, one of the famous chocolates from Switzerland?

Yup, that's Matterhorn.
And Zermatt, located in canton Valais, is the beautiful village lies at the foot of this Switzerland's highest peak.

Weeks before I arrived in CH, some of my friends and family living in Geneve went to Zermatt and rode up to Gornergrat, the highest part of the mountain. Along the way they stopped at the lake and took a lot of gorgeous pictures of Matterhorn.
I was instantly jealous huahahaha.
Then I wished I could visit Geneve soon so that I could make the same trip.
And just like an answered prayer, I was sent for a week meeting at the UN Office in Geneve.
Zermatt et Matterhorn, here I come :).

So I was so lucky to have Tante Nur, Tante Nora, Era and my dearest friend Rana came and accompanied me in this trip. 

thanks for joining the trip :)

We took the daily trip so early in the morning, using carte journaliere. The train is indeed very comfortable, although we took the 2nd class.

the train..
It took around 4 hours to go to Zermatt. 
We took the early train at 8 AM (although we intended to go at the 7.30 AM), heading to Visp then Zermatt. 

Along the way, our eyes feasted with breathtaking natural landscape of Switzerland.
I kept heaving and suddenly realized how I missed this place terribly.
And again, I was so blessed to be able to be back and enjoy those magnificent sceneries.

while passing Lac Leman in Montreux 

And of course, thanks to Tante Nur, we had delicious breakfast of 
a complete Nasi Kuning.
Can you imagine?
Having our tres delicieux petit dejeuner on the train while enjoying the magnificent view!
Precious indeed :).

Nasi kuning for our breakfast...I'm super lucky indeeeeeed :))

It was snowy and foggy at that day, so we weren't very lucky as Matterhorn wasn't clearly seen. But Zermatt itself is a lovely place and we still decided to go up to Gornergrat taking the red train from Gornergrat Bahn. So we took another train, paid CHF 40 for the return trip from Zermatt to Gornergrat and off we went up to 3100 m.

Again the trip up itself is rewarding as the view is amazing.
Looking down at Zermatt as we escalated to its summit is quite an experience.

enjoying my trip up to Gronergrat

We passed a few stop on the way up.
After Zermatt, we have Findelbach, Riffelalp, Rifellberg, Rotenboden then finally Gornergrat.
If you want to see Matterhorn and the lake, I think we have to stop at Rotenboden. But since the weather was not very friendly at that time, we went directly up.

its' the train taking us up to Gornergrat :)
And there we were.
At Gornergrat, 3089 m/10132ft above the sea level.
All white...and peaceful.

As the weather was not that friendly, not many people went up that day. 
But we were lucky that the restaurant was open, so we managed to have lunch and took so many pictures from the viewing point. It was freezing and the snow kept falling up there.
I guess the Klumhotel Gornergrat was closed as I saw no guests around.

In the middle of the day the sun came out a bit and we took even more photos :).
Some of them are down here.. 

Matterhorn is supposed to be in the back :)

Here in Gornergrat, there are a few sky lines and hiking paths as well.

When the sun went down, we took our train back to Zermatt and had back to Geneve.
It was a lovely trip although Matterhorn was still hiding beneath the fog.
I guess I have to make another trip to Zermatt in a different season, right?
Can I get an amen for that!

And I hope 2017 will be filled with amazing adventures and wonderful trips with #myitchyfeet to the other corners of the world.

WW: More from Zermatt, Switzerland

More snaps from Gornergrat Bahn, Zermatt, Switzerland.
Those puffy snow really make me wanna roll :)

not an ad, but Matterhorn, the iconic peak used by Toblerone, was supposed to be there :)

a bit of sunshine...

majestic sky..

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun blog hopping :)

WW: Gornergrat Bahn, Zermatt, Switzerland

No captions needed :)

A brief stop at Zermatt, heading up to Gornergrat Bahn.
Too bad it was foggy ..

And happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! Cheers from Geneve...

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun blog hoping!