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Once Upon A Time in Cairo

Once upon a time in Cairo

Our mosque tour during our 10-day visit to Egypt back in 2010.
Beautiful, ornate, Islamic architecture, with clear, blue sky at the back.

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WW: the Great Mosque of Central Java

One of the gems and landmarks of Semarang, Central Java.
The Great Mosque of Central Java beautifully reflects the grand design of Islamic architectures with elegant traditional Javanese touch. 

Truly an amazing complex that you should see while visiting Semarang, Central Java...

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Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan kareem..

In this auspicious occassion, allow me to extend the my family's warmest greeting to all our Moslem sisters and brothers...

Ramadhan kareem...
May Allah SWT's continued blessings will be bestowed upon us and our ibadah in this holy month of Ramadhan will get our hearts closer to Ya Rabb and erase our sins and wrongdoings in the past...