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Culture Night at PS122, Astoria, Queens

And here comes the Culture Night at PS122, Astoria, Queens. .

welcome to the Indonesian table :)

It's the annual international gathering at Bo's  (and soon will be Obi's, too ;)) school here in PS122.  Well organized by the Parent-Teacher Association, or famously known as PTA, this event has been conducted for 10th times and what a fun night it was! Celebrating the  rich and diverse cultures of PS122, the culture night soiree surely attracts many.

It all started with the invitation sent to all parents in PS122 informing about this event as well as inviting to those who are interested to participate in the Culture Night by organizing a table, donating food and raffles prizes. The date planned was May 15 with May 29 as raincheck. By the time I saw that email, I immediately registered and planned to have Indonesian table there. Well, we don't have many Indonesians in that school but that doesn't stop me from joining it. Well even perhaps that's the reason why we have to join, so they know there are Indonesians as well in this international - setting public school. And it is indeed the first time that Indonesia joins the crowd. Yaaaaay...

the goody bag :)

So I decided to organize a table, bring some Indonesian food, and donate three goody bags filled with Indonesian handicrafts  and food products for the raffles.

The event started at 6.30. Parents and everyone were welcome. They only need to pay a $5 entry ticket where they would get a plate and cutlery. Raffles ticket is $2 each or $12 for 10. All the proceed will go to the school.

That Friday evening was a windy one, so we were getting ready slightly before the door was open. Obi and Bo were all wrapped in Lampungnese traditional attire while I decided to wear my fuschia kutu baru kebaya and purple-and-gold Songket Lampung. I know I'll be busy serving food but I just can't help wearing those colorful costumes we have :)

Lampungnese attire and Songket Palembang :)

Getting all our stuff ready, Bapak took us to the school and helped us with the preparation. We had all our colorful handicrafts to be displayed on the table as well as some mini souvenirs for those who come to our table, thanks to Tante Chichi :). Not to forget my wastra collection, to show how colorful Indonesia is :). We actually brought a special background with Komodo dragon picture on it, but the wind was so strong so we decided not to use it. So was my gawangan, as I was afraid the strong wind would break it.

Of course, food are the essential part of this display and I have my home-made nasi uduk or the typical Indonesian rice cooked the coconut milk. lemon grass and bay leaves, as well as Indonesian fried noodles. I have to admit I stayed up late cooking 3 batches of nasi uduk and mie goreng :). Luckily I got Udi staying with me watching stand up comedy :).
I have also ordered pastels and krokets from a friend. So, we were okay in food department as I have 7 trays of food :). Oyeaaaah...

As the door opened, the fun started... 
Visitors were coming, roaming around deciding which food they wanted to taste and asked around about the countries. 

Obi and I were so busy chatting and serving food for those coming to our table. Some knew Indonesia  already, some came there for vacation, some knew it from TVs. We have Bo's teachers coming and  the Principle as well as other teachers, too. We also met some Indonesian families as just came less than a year ago, just like us, and one had been in the US since they were born :). Too bad I didn't take picture with all of the them.
After approximately an hour, most of our food were gone, only nasi uduk left :). Then we managed to sneak out and browse around ourselves before they cleaned the tables! 

Well...most if the food were gone, but a we still enjoyed exploring the various display of cultures. Everyone got creative...not only displaying food but also wearing beautiful, traditional dresses with all those amazing accessories. Some, like us, also displayed some traditional handicrafts, fabrics, books and many interesting objects related to our beloved hometowns. We saw dolls, tea set, jewelries, heirlooms, traditional costumes, toys and many more.

We saw those from Spain, Italy, Afghanistan, Peru, India, Bangladesh, Albania, Poland, Finland, Haity, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Mexico, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Romania, and so many more. It was very fun indeed...

Heirloom from Albania..isn't it gorgeous...

They also had some performances in the middle of the yard. Too bad we watched them from a far, from our table hehehe...But we are determined to come back again next year! With more yummy food, more goodies and more fun :). 

We went home feeling tired but with happy, full tummy :). 
Thank you, PS122....see you next year :)

Have you joined similar event? Did you enjoy it? What did you like most... the food, the costumes, the crafts or else?