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WW: Wellington Royal Botanic Garden in spring

 Wellington looks more and more colorful these days as spring is in the air.

Wellington Royal Botanic Garden in spring is certainly inviting. I managed to enjoy my lunch break here twice during these days. Although Wellington is still frequently dotted with heavy rain and freezing wind, we sometimes were blessed with warm afternoon.


So, I took the liberty to walk from the office as it was only a 10 minute walk. We grabbed our lunches and sit on the benches there, enjoying the fresh air, blue sky and tulips. It was very refreshing. 


Many people enjoying the Royal Botanic Garden as well as it has jogging tracks, steps, sound shells, bush walk, pond and more.  It was really a lovely gem in the middle of the city. Some of the tulips were already fallen because of the rain but I still enjoy the garden.

Here are some photos I took along the way. You can see why I enjoy it so much!

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WW: Blooming Flowers in Wellington and the surrounding areas

I have been trying to jog, stroll and trek around the walk path that we have near our house, office, as well as the surrounding areas.

Along the way, I usually stop by to take pictures of the blooming flowers. I don't always know their names but since they are beautiful, I just snap them with with my phone.

Beautiful, purple Agapanthus

One of the most commonly seen here in Wellington is Agapanthus, the charming purple that apparently is considered as weed. The fact that you can practically see this purple Agapanthus everywhere, standing tall and graceful against the crazy wind in Wellington, makes you think that this is like a native flower around here. I have seen some hydrangea and roses too. I am pretty sure there are some blue (or purple) bells flowers as well. The rest I am not pretty sure about the names though.

I don't know the name of this one. some types of Hydrangea?

Well, if you notice the name of some of these flowers, please let me know on your comment ya. I am thrilled to learn more about these beautiful flowers.

can somebody tell me the name for this?

Cheers and love from Wellington and the surroundings.

pinky roses for sure.

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WW: Burst of colors - Spring is Coming

Hi everyone.

Hope all is well and in some parts of the world, burst of colors are popping.
Well, in Jakarta, Indonesia, we are facing the monsoon. The rainy season.
It is supposed to be beautiful but it can be dreadful as well, as we face some natural disasters like floods, landslides and more. The pandemic makes it even worse. 

Nevertheless... let's keep our faith and spirit up. Here's a little burst of colors I took here and there to mark the upcoming spring. 

To me, spring means the bloom of hopes
And that's exactly what we need.
We will always have our own struggles and challenges in this life, but for sure we have to be confident that there will always be the light at the end of the tunnels!

Btw, these photos are all taken by my smart phone.
Hope you enjoy it.

have a wonderful day

WW: More Spring to Celebrate

I know many of us are now in confinement, either practising social and physical distance or even lock down policy.

Corona virus is still rampantly out there and the best way of keeping ourselves and others safe are by staying healthy and try not to get infected. I know it's so easy to say that but we can definitely try our best to do it!

Meanwhile, I have decided to celebrate spring, which is blooming beautifully out there. Again I have some photos taken years ago and I just love to put it here in my blog so that we can keep our hopes up. Seeing the colorful world is indeed my mood booster.

Jakarta has been very humid lately.
Sometimes it''s raining cats and dog although it's only fo a while.
Thunders are joining few times although it's not that terrifying. 
Except for my cats :), which seems to be longing the world outside as well.

But I love the rain.
It keeps the earth cool and hydrated, the flowers are blooming as well.
I love the smell of the earth during and after the rain.
So fresh.
And I can enjoy this wonderful, simple thing as I have some times to pause for a while and observe the nature.

Sometimes, I think what we have now is just a little break everyone , and probably everything, is needed.
The earth desperately needs a break from that shattering, non-stop abuses we do in the name of modernity and industries.
We need a break from the living -in-a-fast-lane mode that we are frustratingly doing on daily basis.
Even the sky can use this little break, too. 
Bringing back its clear, blue canvas, along with the fresh air we crave.
And life continues in a a different direction.
At least for now.

cheers from my mini front yard :)
 So I won't be complaining for now.
I will just cherish the moment that we all are rarely given to further contemplate of what the world is trying to tell us through this pandemic.
And we will stay strong and healthy until the end of this trying time.
Here's for more springs ahead!

Stay healthy and safe, everyone

What have you been doing lately?
Do you keep your productivity on top gear while staying mostly at home?
Stay safe and healthy wherever you are!                                                   

WW: Spring in Washington D.C

Spring is still around!
Although we missed the cherry blossoms in Washington D.C., but we enjoyed the blooming flowers around the Mall while we went here last weekend with my aunty and my uncle.
Love to see those popping colors, mostly purple, along the way :)

cherry blossom Washington DC

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UN Rose Garden in Fall

The sky has been a mix of blue and grey.
Mostly grey lately, as the temperature drops here in NYC.
I just went out of the meeting rooms to relax for a while at the UN Rose Garden.
And here are a few snaps I took there.

Some roses are still blooming, while the rest are almost gone.

The sky is just grey.

But I found some lovely purple flocks

 And this is what I took along the way back to the office.

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WW: Unisphere at Corona Park, Flushing Meadows, Queens, NYC

A quick gateway to our beloved Queens neighborhood, with a visit to one of its jewels, the Unisphere, or a giant steel globe built for 1964 New York World's Fair. 

Beautifully located at Corona Park, Flushing Meadows, Queens, NYC, I got a chance to unwind a bit with my family. It was such a beautiful day, so I made sure I took some pictures there :)

We were lucky we still have some colorful flowers and shrubs near the area, adding some beautiful touch to this complex.


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Brilliant Sky and Blooming Morges, Switzerland

Blooming Morges, Switzerland

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