Nook Restaurant, Bali - Wonderful Eateries in the Middle of the Paddy Fields

Do you look for wonderful ambience to enjoy around your meal?

Well, I do! 

Whenever I get a chance to come to one particular area, I would definitely try to find unique, wonderful restaurant to enjoy. 

On my last trip to Bali, I managed to eat in Nook, one cozy restaurant in Kerobokan, Bali. Although I was traveling during Ramadhan, we managed to stop by at lovely restaurants in the area, including this one. 

Nook is a great place to chill, relax, and taste the food while enjoying the soothing green Paddy fields in Bali! The ambience and the interior design are so homey and inviting as well.

Nook Restaurant, Bali - Wonderful Eateries in the Middle of the Paddy Fields
Don't you just love it!

We went here during Ramadan and we came by to have Ifthar with friends. They do have this lovely ambience because the restaurant is located in the middle of the rice field. So as you enjoy the food and drinks, you will be serenaded by breeze, wind chymes, and singing birds. How do you like that? Super peaceful indeed.

Nook Restaurant, Bali - Wonderful Eateries in the Middle of the Paddy Fields
The paddy fields around the resto

You can definitely order yummy, delicious food here. Find yourself a melange of Western food as well Indonesian and Balinese food to your liking. Here you can have burgers, steak, and pasta as well as sandwiches. They also serve Indonesian food. As for drinks, there are a lot of choice you us to explore. Again, including Indonesian beverages like teh sereh and jahe merah or red ginger.

I tried the Nasi Campur Special, the traditional Balinese plate with complete mini main course starting from rendang, chicken, urap or fresh veggies, sambal matah, tempe and tofu, corn fritters and sate lilit or minced fish satay a la Bali. Super good! I have my infused water and lime ginger hot tea. All is delicious. My friends tried Sirloin steak, spaghetti, and ayam geprek.

Cozy spot we have here...

The service is fast, waiters are friendly. They are very friendly indeed and for sure they can give you all the recommendations for the best food and beverages you like.

I really love the decorations, comfy seats and sofas as well as the ambience here. Let's take a look at photos I took around this cozy place.

The parking lot is not that big but there are staff who can help you finding the spot nearby as well. So parking is manageable. This place is disability friendly as well and again the staff will be more than happy to help. Happy to recommend this place for sure!

So, will you come here when you are around?
I sincerely hope so! And see you on the next adventure!

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