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Little Orchestra Society: Cinderella and the Prince performance

Have you seen Prince Charming fight the dragon while looking for Cinderella? And forgetting  Cinderella' s shoe?

Well, we did :)..

In Little Orchestra Society featuring Cinderella  and the Prince performance.

Last Saturday, we watched this beautiful performance in Lincoln Center, NYC.
Free tickets were provided  by Bo's school and the four of us, with Aunty Nona, watched the show.

Little Orchestra Society (LOS) is the initiative of Mr. James Judd. LOS has been providing free orchestra performance for kids aged 3 above to experience, explore, enjoy and appreciate  the great performance. With live classical orchestra wonderfully performed by these talented group of people, LOS tries to build future audience by giving this exposure at the earliest stage.

So, Judy Miller, the parents coordinator at PS 122 emailed us and told us about the tickets. I grabbed the chance and we got free tickets ... yaaaay....

Then, taking the subway, Bo, Obi, and I were heading to Lincoln Center to meet Nona there. We got extra ticket for Aunty  Nona, too. Meanwhile, Bapak has decided to try the bike track at Cunningham Park, so he just dropped us at the station.

It was started by the music performance by the LOS ensemble. James Judd, the Director of LOS, and the team played several numbers of classics. 

It was beautiful indeed...and amidst the crying and some loud innocent comments from the kids, we really enjoyed the performance.

before the show started..
Then, here came Cinderella and the Prince.
Of course, as many of us know, no  more photos and cellphones during the show. And all the photos from the scene are taken from the LOS's website :)

I have to say it's a larger than life performance..wonderfully mix classical score, super ballet performance and some humor, too. We saw huge fairy god mother in the form of giant inflatable doll. 
picture is taken from LOS website

We saw Cinderella and her close friends the mice...the horrible, yet amusing step mother and step sisters. By the way, the step sisters looked like mice as they were wearing the mouse masks, too. Hilarious :). Obi noticed that and asked me why they looked like that :). 

When Cinderella rode the pumpkin carriage in her beautiful blue dress and glittering glass shoes, they came down the stage and passed near us. The kids got so excited having all those ballerinas coming to our seats. Also when the dragon roared and threatened to burn us, it came down the stage and pretended to get the kids. So amusing, indeed.

To get more ideas how the performance was, feel free to see the sneak peak here on this video.  You will see the giant fairy godmother, the dragon and the mice :)

Again, it was a beautiful musical score performed by the LOS ensemble, perfectly pairing with the ballet performance. We really enjoyed the show.

Afterwards, we bought some cute souvenirs from the show, including the glittery butterfly and dragonfly wings that Obi loves so much. 

Plus dragon marrionette that I love so much :)...

Well, have you watched Cinderella story on stage like this? Do you enjoy ballet performance as well?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone...