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Happy Thanksgiving

"Keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracle of your life"
Khalil Gibran 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Aren't we all blessed?
With every tiny sparks of joy and content fulfilling our heart.
With every drop of sweat and tears marking our illustrious lives.
With every breath freely taken and every smiles of your loved ones.

happy thanksgiving

Those miracles of life keep our heart beating and our soul revived

We have a small celebration at home.
Enjoying precious time with our loved ones over wonderful meals and tons of laughter. Plus a bit shopping in the evening.
Obi and I, with the help of my hubby and Bo, finished decorating this cute Turkey Kit we got from Trader Joe's.
With less than 10 dollars and 
How's  your Thanksgiving? 
I hope it was as colorful as ours.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay blessed, people!