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Lisbon, Portugal in 6 hours - Photo Album

Lisbon, Portugal in 6 hours.

Perhaps, when you read the title of this post, you will think how ambitious it will be to explore the beauty of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, only in 6 hours.
Well, apparently, I managed to do that, although I only covered a few famous spots!
It will of course be best if you can stay for 3, 6, or even weeks here in Lisbon.
But if you only have more or less 6 hours for transit, like what I had on my way from Paris to New York City last year, we still can enjoy this beautiful city.

Arco da Rua Augusta, one corner of Praça do Comércio
Lisbon, or Lisboa or Lisabon, is one of the oldest cities in the world.
With its strategic location and direct access to the Atlantic cities, Lisbon has served as major cities for trades, business, as well as political and cultural activities during  Julius Cesar era. Portugueses also came to Indonesia for a while in the 15th century but they didn't stay for long.

This capital city has long been well known for its endless beauty, offering the visitors with amazing views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding mountains and hills, wonderful architectures ranging from from castles, churches to plazas, rich histories and delectable cuisines, to mention a few.

Just landed..
When I landed from Paris, I immediately took the bus from the airport to the city center. It took around 45 minutes with the usual traffic and it was very convenient. I guess I only paid around 9 Euro for 1 trip. 

The super comfortable Yellow Bus
I stopped near Praça do Comércio, at one of the airport shuttle bus stops.

From there, I walked around 10 minutes to explore the surrounding area. 
As you know, the commercial plaza is a wide, spacious area lined with cafes, shops, and some governmental buildings (judging from the names). I really enjoyed my morning walk under the blue sky and balmy weather.

the tram service at the city center

I love the bright yellow mustard buildings surrounding the Plaza. It is the Ministry of Justice building, with some elegant touch and beautiful alleys as well as  chandeliers. Even in the morning - around 8 AM when I arrived, visitors were flocking around already.

Good morning from me..
In the center of that building, you will see the triumphal arch Arco da Rua Augusta, depicting some sculpted figures and coat of arms. It's an interesting sight to those who love taking pictures like me. I also walked to the coastal 

Then I decided to rent a Tuk-tuk to explore more parts of the city.
Yes, the one we have seen in Thailand.

The tuk-tuk I rent in Lisbon

I knew I have some hours but judging from the beautiful spots I could explore and the fact that Lisbon is very hilly, I then set my heart to take Tuk-tuk. And I made the right decision indeed!
You wanna know the whole story?

Before I spill more beans, let's enjoy this parade of photos I took during my transit in Lisbon, Portugal.

me against the raising sun :)

Statue of Dom José I in the middle of the Commercial Plaza

Sé de Lisboa...the Chatedral of Lisbon

One of the ceramic patterns in Lisbon

Love the murals near Alfama

View from Alfama

Lisbon from above, view from Miraduoro da Senhora Do Monte

I just love these serving plates and mugs with typical Portuguese patterns
What do you think?
Do you like Lisbon, Portugal, just like me?
Feels like coming down here as well?
Me, too!
Wait for more details on the next post.