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UN Rose Garden in Fall

The sky has been a mix of blue and grey.
Mostly grey lately, as the temperature drops here in NYC.
I just went out of the meeting rooms to relax for a while at the UN Rose Garden.
And here are a few snaps I took there.

Some roses are still blooming, while the rest are almost gone.

The sky is just grey.

But I found some lovely purple flocks

 And this is what I took along the way back to the office.

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United Nations Rose Garden

"Look at the blue sky, smell the roses and enjoy life at its greatest.. "

Who wouldn't love to see the beautiful garden full or roses...

Well, I love roses..

And the UN Headquarters here in NYC has Rose Garden. 
Even from its name you can imagine colorful beds of roses of different kinds.

Taman bunga ini tidak seberapa besar, terletak di belakang Gedung Majelis Umum PBB. Karena letaknya persis di sebelah promenade yang memagari kompleks PBB dan Sungai East di kota New York, tidak heran kalau taman ini menjadi tempat favorit banyak orang, termasuk saya :).

Dan mulai akhir musim semi seperti saat ini, Taman mawar ini mulai berbunga dan cantik sekali...

sudah mulai layuuu karena panaaaas...
Overlooking the East River with Long Island City right across its backyard behind the General Assemby Building, this garden is truly a sanctuary for us who spend most of our time in this international institution negotiations wide range of issues from the International security to the right to food.

Imagine that there are more than 1.500 roses grow beautifully here..
The garden was presented by All-America Rose and has been adorning the UN Building since 1946. Quite a long time ago indeed.

And how I enjoy to read all those panels depicting the names of these hybrid roses..
All that jazz...ring a bell :)?
Names such as Singin' in the rain, Easy does it, All that jazz, Peace, Dreams come true, Moondance, Scentimentalia, and more always sucessfully put smile on my face. 
It has the information about the year it was originally planted as well.

Dreams come true...
Using my smart phone, I try to capture these beautiful shades of flaming red, yellowish white, bright orange, yellow, and in-betweeners :)

I love strolling around here...
just simply going out and having a break amidst the never ending meetings.

Rasanya bisa berlama-lama di sini, kalau tidak ingat masih banyak pertemuan yang harus dihadiri, pekerjaan yang diselesaikan dan hal-hal lainnya. 


For sure, I will always come back here :). 
Usually in August - September, most of the roses are gone...but spring will always be back, so keep those hopes up.
See you around, United Nations Rose Garden...

it smells wonderfuuuuul...

Do you enjoy strolling around the garden as well? What's your favorite flower(s)?

United Nations Rose Garden

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