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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

beautiful Fall at Central Park, NYC

In many parts of the world, Fall or autumn has arrived.

It is indeed one of my favorite seasons of all time. It is always heartwarming to see all those earthy colors coming up and dominating your vista. Not to mention the wonderful smell of cinnamon and pumpkin, as they seem to be associated with this lovely season. 

I do miss Fall. I remember all the fall foliage that we were doing while staying in  New York City as well as in Geneva. Road trips were planned and we definitely look for the signature ambience of lovely autumn. We did take tons of pictures and for sure all those autumn tones are dominating the scenes. Aaah.. I miss it! 

the autumn leaves...

But here in Jakarta, this month we are experiencing more rain. It's good because Jakarta has been too hot and humid for me. Well soon we hope we can have the fresh air again. Can't wait can't wait.

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WW: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Central Park 2019

Cheeeers from MSABC Central Park 2019

I'm back to NYC and super happy!


Because I manage to join Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Central Park 2019!
This is my 6th walk and I just can't tell you how blessed I am to join this walk and be in such a great condition!
NYC was treating me well with the lovely autumn weather, too. It was a sunny day, not too windy..just perfect for a walk with friends, family and supporters of our fight against breast cancer. This year, I walked with my dearest Erma and Ainan, who have been supporting me since day one. Love you so, girls :).

So here are some rituals I do during the walk and cheers..
Don't forget to live a healthier life (try it and try it harder!), manage your stress and protect your ta-ta, ladies. Do your self exam and go to the doctor when you feel the lump, no matter how small or how unimportant you think it is!

Big Pink Sofaaaa

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Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018 - Go Pink

"Dear passengers, we are about to land at JFK International Airport, New York City.
Please make sure you fasten your seatbelt and make sure your food tray as well as your foot rest are folded."  
I was looking down the window to see the fascinating view of New York City from above when the flight attendant reminded me that we were about to land.
It obviously felt great to be back to the Big Apple, although it was only for 7 days.
And most importantly, I would join one of the most inspiring events in my life, Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018.
NYC,  I'm back and I'm ready to kiss breast cancer goodbye!


making strides against breast cancer 2018
Thank you sooo much Erma and Haryo :)
New York City is calling me back for a week of meetings.
I was lucky to be here just in time for Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018 in Central Park.
The walk this year took place on Sunday, October 14, 2018, a day before I started my meeting at the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly.
And this will be my fifth walk in a row!

You never walk alone..
I still remember my first walk in 2014. 
It was in the middle of my chemo and I went out feeling week with my bold head to the cold October day.
But I was so excited and full of spirit.
Meeting other survivors gave me a huge dose of determination to fight back.
To believe in myself that I can be free of cancer.

And now, 5 years after that, I'm back for my 5th walk as the survivor.
As always, I registered our team, Indonesia Ceria & Beyond, to participate in this year's walk. Some friends have confirmed to walk with me and I am so grateful for them. Thank you so much Erma, my dearest sister-in-crime; Haryo; Eliza; Nabil ad Razzan! It was an honour to have you guys walk with me!

So that morning, I met Erma and Haryo right in front of the UN Headquarters and took M15  as well as M66 bus to Central Park.  As always, Making Strides walk starts and ends at the  famous Bandshell in Central Park, which is located at  the 72nd Street Transverse. 

I woke up a bit late that morning, thanks to jetlag that made me sleep at 4 AM NYC time. But we managed to arrive at the Bend Shell at 9 AM. Not bad! And the check in for all participants has started at 7:30AM. As announced in website, the first rolling or the start of the the walk began at 8:00AM and ended at 10:15AM. Just like previous years, the walk concluded around  12:00PM.

Mini me and I!

This 4-mile walk really attracted thousand of New Yorkers! 
When we arrived, it was packed with people and many of them were coming with their team, wearing pink and all those special costumes. I can say people of all ages in all costumes are there to spend the day with us the survivors in the park and also walk. 
It's also heartwarming that the route for the walk is accessible to strollers, walkers, and wheelchairs. It's open for everybody!
There are non-stop entertainment as well as we have talented singers, DJ and bands entertaining us.

The first thing I did was stepping in to the Survivor tent!
It always gives me a goosebump and a wonderful feeling at the same time.
Being able to stand in front of the SURVIVOR tent never fails to make me feel how blessed and lucky I am. 
I 'm still fighting the side effects of all those procedures I went through before but I'm here!
Standing tall, feeling better about myself and determined to live a healthier life, while advocating others to do the same thing.

I'm a survivor!
Read more stories about my fight here:  When You Lost Your Hair  and Why Me? Fighting Breast Cancer 

So, at the survivor tent, I picked up my free t-shirt, wireless bra, as well as free breakfast from Starbucks and pink roses! I also wrote my name in the big banner saying You Never Walk Alone. We took pictures here and there.
This year is special as Avon is joining American Cancer Society to host this walk.
I also see Normani Hamilton from Fifth Harmony, joining her mother, a survivor as well, in this walk.

We joined the walk around 10 AM and we followed the route designated.
I didn't finish the walk this time because I had to admit I was super tired.
Flying from Jakarta and stopping by in Tokyo with the total traveling time of 23 hours really took a tool on me. I felt that my feet were swollen so that I decided to stop the walk just in the middle of it. It's a bit disappointing but I know I made the right decision.

Fight like a girl!

Let's walk
Well, at least my spirit continues and it roars up high every time I meet others survivor.
One of the biggest challenges that we survivors face is to stay healthy and manage the damaging side effects of the treatment we have received to get rid of cancer cells.

Coming back to NYC celebrating this positivity and excitement is indeed a great experience!
Being a cancer survivor is indeed a bless and I'm grateful for all the love and support I receive from everyone up until now.

So, that's my story from Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2018 - Go Pink!
Hope I can join Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2019 as well.
If you feel like donating this great movement, please check  

Let's kick some cancer cells!
So please, please, please, ladies...remember that early detection is the best protection.
If you feel and see something different in your body, check it.
Don't forget to do self breast exam, mammogram, and live a healthy, balance and happy life!
Stay healthy and blessed, people!

Strawberry Field and More Winter Sky from Central Park

Winter loves NYC this time.
Its freezing weather is lingering and white frost are popping up here and there.
And somehow, it doesn't dampen our spirit to stroll around the Central Park, the west side this time, and enjoy the famous Strawberry Field with the one and only Imagine, John Lennon's legendary song, mosaic tiles covered in snow.

central park west

Yoko Ono will narrate the story.

Central park West
Strawberry Fields forever.

And here are more winter sky,- or rather winter scenes, from Central Park, snapped with my phone :).
It was cloudy and cold, yet we enjoyed our brisk walk.

oh yes, it's cold down here :)

the frozen pond

Stay warm to those engulfed in winter right now and have a lovely weekend!

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy those magnificent skies from all over the world.