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Hot Kitchen Restaurant, Manhattan, New York City

Anybody here loves hot pot?
You know... It's one of the traditional Chinese cuisines where you have boiling soup or broth filled with beef, chicken, shrimps, tofu, vegetables and many more :)

I loveeee hot pot.
I have to say, as an Indonesian loveing a bowl of bakso at any time of the day, hot pot gives me similar satisfaction.
Especially during winter and cold days..
and even in summer days ;).
And I have one favorite spot here in Manhattan..

Hot Kitchen.

Frequently I come to this restaurant, especially the one located in 53rd street. The restaurant is strategically located and not far from my office as well as the UN, so it becomes one great meeting point for working lunch or simply for good food.

We usually order hot-pot with a mix of fresh green vegetables, fresh shrimps, tofu, fish balls, and beef.  My favorite is the fish and shrimp balls. 
You know why?
Because They are fresh, not frozen. 
Made and prepared on the spot.
I also love the fish tofu.

For the soup, ask for the half-halp...or if you dare, try the bold one, the original Sichuan soup. 
It's super hot :)
And super yummy as well..

Fresh shrimps and slices of lean meat will be great for the broth.

Hot fave :)

It's delicious...especially in cold days we often have here in NYC. 

For the starters, we usually order vegetable spring rolls, dumplings, and scallion pancakes. It's super yum as well :).

They have a great variety of Sichuan authentic dishes as well, so you can certainly explore more. But as I said, hot pot is my favorite indeed. and Hot Kitchen NYC is one of my fave.

In terms of service, you won't Have any problems here. The service is good and fast! Can't complain.
Ask for Albert, our favorite waiter ;).

And of course, the price of the food is very reasonable. With around $25 - 30 you already got a wonderful lunch :). Lunch hours can be very full sometimes, especially if you need to have the special table for hot-pot. But the wait shouldn't be that long.

Enjooy ;)...

Hot Kitchen
251 E 53rd st., New York, NYC, NY 10022