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Enjoying Pulau Rinca, Komodo Dragon and Pink Beach

Kia ora!

Morena.. a very good morning from Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Here, we are now enjoying winter as June arrives. Short days with cold, windy weather are welcoming us almost everyday and as the famous meme said, winter is coming! How I long warm, tropical weather back home in Indonesia nowadays.

And looking at my photo albums, I have so many great adventures on my last visit to Indonesia, especially Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara.

As I have shared on my previous posts, I have dived in many spots here in Labuan Bajo. Feel free to check it on Diving at Labuan Bajo - Photo Album .

Right after diving at Batu Bolong site, the last dive I did, we stopped by at Rinca Island. This is one of the islands where you can get to see komodo dragons on their natural habitat as well as the pink beach. On top of my diving trip, I added Rp 500K for this additional stops. 

By the time we landed at Rinca island, we walked from the pier to the entrance gate and ticketing office. As we have foreigner visitors, we have different tickets for the locals. It was a bit confusing for us as the officials were asking for the new tariff which is quite expensive. But we all know that the new tariff was still being heavily debated at that time so at the end of the day, our tour guide negotiated and we paid in accordance with the prevailing regulations.

Happy me arriving at Rinca island, ready to make a rendezvous with komodo

Long story short, we chose the short trail and being helped by one of the local guides here. He showed us the way and told us many interesting stories and facts as well. since the very beginning when we landed in this island, I have already read the sign saying that tis is the natural habitat for the komodo and we were basically walking alongside their trails. Cool, right! But surely we have to be careful as well. 

Nevertheless, after seeing the real komodo for the first time in the Komodo museum at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and seeing the giant lantern of komodo in Wellington lantern festival, you can imagine how excited I was to meet these magnificent creatures in their original homes.

So we went through the trail, the Loh Liang walking trails, listening attentively to our guide. I feel bad of not remembering his name! He spoke English well and patiently answered so many of our questions.

Check out these photos and you will see how cool this place is. Rest assure I took the photos from safe distance and under strict supervisor of our guide. And again, komodo dragons are magnificent creatures. 

Done enjoying the walking trails in Rinca island, we moved to the other side of the island and stopped at the pink beach. And it was totally AWESOME!

As I have seen in so many posts in various social medias, pink beack is just unique and stunningly beautiful. I enjoyed my time here although it was not that long. I was kust dipping my feet, so tempted to swim again and I was just tired from my 3-times dives. I prayed that I would go back here again soon with my hubby and the kids. 

I bet we will!

Welcome to the pink beach! Lovely isn't it?

Mini - me is super excited too

Hope we can go back soon 

So, have you visited East Nusa Tenggara, especially Labuan Bajo?
Did you visit Rinca island and manage to meet komodo dragons and have fun at the pink beach as well? 

Share your story here.

Cardrona, A Unique Stop at South Island, New Zealand - South Island, Here We Come

As we continued the trip in our South Island, New Zealand road trip, here's one of the special place I'd like to share to you all.

To those who have been following the stories of our travel recently, you know that we had a road trip starting from Christchurch to so many cities along the way to the southern part of South Island Aotearoa New Zealand. Some of the cities we visited include Akaroa, Fairlie, Lake Tekapo, Mt. Cook, Twizel, and Cardrona, then down to Wakana, Queenstown, Invercargill, Bluff, Balclutha, The Caitlins and Dunedin. A lot of cities indeed and we were 11 days on the road!

Anyway, on our way down from Mt. Cook area heading to Queenstown, we stopped at Cardrona. Cardrona is famously known as the ski-resort area dotted with amazing landscapes and slopes, with historic spots deriving from the gold mining era in this region. 

We drove here from Twizel, after enjoying our remarkable stay near the Aoraki Mt. Cook area and tasting various delicious salmon plates.

Welcome to Cardrona

We didn’t really stop for a long time in this city but we managed to stop at Cardrona Hotel and one unique stop, Bradona.   

Cardrona Hotel is one jewel in the middle of picturesque valley, famous for its rustic and charming setting as well as historical episodes, originating from the gold rush era in this area. 

the story goes back in 1863...

I have to admit I was so intrigued to see what's inside the hotel. Imagine throwing yourself on the gold rush era, starting from 1863, while people were flocking from different corners of the world and tried their luck. Having this hotel as one of the hubs, I can imagine the merry and colorful stories from those episodes of history.

Obi and I in front of Cardrona Hotel and its antique car.

We didn't stay here and although I was originally planning to sit down for a quick coffee or tea, we were already behind scheduled and tired. We managed to take quick pictures in front of the hotel and even when I tried to get some souvenirs, the shops were closed for a while. Well, just our luck. So we skipped enjoying this unique hotel and hopefully we will get a chance to visit this place again. 

There is an Olde School House next to the hotel and we managed to have a quick look as well here. 

Judging from the name, perhaps it used to be the school building back in the days. But now, it becomes shop, art gallery, and artisanal hub where we can get souvenirs and merchandise.

I just love this green corner

After a quick photo at Cardrona Hotel and the surroundings, we stopped at Bradrona.

the panoramic snap of Bradrona

Beautifully placed in the middle of picturesque valley of Central Otago, between Wanaka and Queenstown, the fences in Bradrona were packed with hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of bras serves as a great reminder about the importance of taking care of ourselves and at the same time spreading the awareness about breast cancer.

Many left their bras with some writings and notes on it, telling a little story and where they are from. Some stated the countries they were originally from, some shared stories about the fight against breast cancer, others wrote the memoirs of their loved ones. So much love in there. It really warms my heart.

Posing with Obi at Bradrona :)

As a breast cancer survivor, I feel like this is the spot that I should not miss while visiting the area. Bradrona is not just a quirky place where people put and left their bras as a form of solidarity to breast cancer survivors, but it also signifies the strong support and love to all cancer fighters. In the reel that I have shared in my Instagram account @insav, you can see more of the place. 

There is a box for donation for New Zealand Breast Cancer foundation @pinkribbonnz so you are welcomed to contribute to the fight against breast cancer as well.

the donation box at Cardrona

Btw, World Cancer Day 2023 is celebrated in February each year. So when I stopped by here at the end of January and witnessed the overwhelming support to breast cancer fighters and survivors, I feel so blessed that I have received so many supports, help and assistance from my friends and family. Lucky me indeed. And hopefully, in the future, there will be more breakthrough in cancer treatment so we can witness the world with less or even with no cancer. 

In sya Allah.

Right after Cardrona, we stopped by at Wanaka and relaxed at Lake Hawea, and even briefly enjoyed Lindis Pass. Will get back with more stories on those marvelous places.

will get back to you on this...

WW: Auckland Harbour in the morning

Hi everyone..

I have been coming back to Auckland for more meetings and activities. In New Zealand, We have the biggest concentration of Indonesian diaspora here in the city so that we always have something going on here.

This time, I have some meetings with counterparts at the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology. Moreover, we had the celebration of Indonesian Language and Literature in Auckland as well, so that our team come back here ready for a lot of engagements.

In one of the mornings, we managed to explore the harbour part as we are looking for hearty breakfast. 

The waterfront in Auckland is quite big. It also houses the Museum of Maritime. I haven’t got a chance to check out the museum but hopefully next time I will have ample time to do so.

I strolled around the Princes Wharf, where you can see Hilton Hotel and many restaurants, as well as the Eastern Viaduct and Viaduct Harbour. 

We had our breakfast in this cute restaurant called Giraffe around the area.

I also managed to get some videos for my Youtube channel about this area. Check it out!

So do you like Auckland harbour area?

Such a lovely waterfront and I hope I can go back and explore more in this area.

Join us on (almost) Wordless Wednesday and have fun with the links.

WW: Snorkeling Session at Rarotonga, the Cook Islands

I was super lucky to get a chance to come and visit Rarotonga, the capital city of the Cook Islands. The visit was back in May 2022 but I still haven't shared my wonderful experience there.

We came for the Credentials procession of Ambassador Fientje M. Suebu and we had series of meetings with the Prime Minister as well as the members of his cabinet. We also managed to see the beauty of Rarotonga and met our Indonesian brothers and sisters.

In one of the days, we visited the Rarotongan beach and had a snorkeling session there. I was super excited although it was cloudy and drizzling. I didn't manage to try diving here but I hope I can come back here again sometimes.

Here are some the photos I took while enjoying Rarotonga.

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Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Hi everyone..

Hope you enjoy July wherever you are. We are still bombarded by the strong wind, heavy downpour, and extreme weather here in Aotearoa. But I guess many experience horrible weather and extreme heat waves as well in different corners of the world. Climate change is no jokes and I hope we all understand that we have to take serious actions to address its adverse impacts and we have to start it from ourselves and start it now. 

I also notice that COVID-19 is spiking up again in many countries including in New Zealand. We have friends at the office who get infected by it and all of us is taking the rapid test again. Good thing the result for me is negative and I have been taking extra cautious measures to protect my family and I. Masks are frequently used and we also take extra vitamins and supplement. Hope we all can stay healthy and happy!

And for sure, we would love to go back on the road and explore the beauty of New Zealand again. Wish us luck!

our little trip to Three Sisters and the Elephant

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