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Pumpkidz, cute t-shirts for kiddos

Bo et Obi love wearing t-shirts. 
Almost everyday, they wear their favorite t-shirt to school, to play outside and even to sleep. Well, they love PJs too but t-shirt will always be their number one choice.
That's why I always get extra t-shirt for them, especially the comfy one.
And recently, we have just received some lovely t-shirt from home, Indonesia...


Sampai jugaaa kaos-kaos lucu inii ke haribaan kami di Astoria :).
yuuup...kaos Pumpkidz 
Perjalanan jauh dari Bekasi ke NYC dan butuh waktu yang lumayan lama memang...
But we all so happy to receive it :).
Bo and Obi are more thank happy to wear them right away :)

Bo is the star :)
We love the simple designs and comfortable cotton used in this t-shirt...

Only for Rp60.000,00 or 5 USD, you can have this cute t-shirt for kids. It come in XS, S, M, L, XL to XXL :).

another design from ")

Get more designs by clicking

I really like the idea that these t-shirts are produced by students of vocational school or Siswa Wira Usaha in  Indonesia who learn to be skilled entrepreuners. I sincerely hope their business will flourish and they can learn a lot from this process. Besides, by using their services, we can help donate to the educational programs to students who are economically challenged. 

Maju terus siswa wirausaha..dan semoga kaos kerennya bisa dipakai banyak orang yaaa :)

Disclosure : I have happily received the abovementioned product, courtesy of the sponsor, for the purpose of this review. However, all views reflected in my blogs are genuine, based on my own (as well as my family) experience using the product.