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Welcome back and happy to welcome you back here.

Cable car museum at Kelburn, Wellington

Ready to explore Wellington more with me?

I will take you to the Cable Car Museum which is located near my office in Kelburn area, Wellington.

If you remember, I have shared the story about the famous Cable Car of Wellington
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the red cable car

And the end of the stop for the cable car, we have the cable car museum. The museum is the original winding house of the cable car which was operating in 1902 - 1978. The museum has 2 parts, where all the stories are presented on the first floor and more items on the ground floor with items and mechanical elements of the cable car. 

There are photos and videos we all can enjoy here as we learn about the history of this famous red cable car.

It is interesting to learn the fact that since the very beginning, this cable car has attracted people's attention and since Kelburn area, beautifully located on the hills offering amazing view, has become one of the busy parts of the city, more people use the cable car as well. I noted that from 425.000 people using it in 1902, they noted around 2 million people used cable car in 1926! I bet people did enjoy taking this ride.

I have also made a YouTube video on this which you can enjoy down here, a must -try legendary ride when you are visiting Wellington. The view from Kelburn is fantastic and you can definitely enjoy it after a relatively short ride from Lambton Quay, the city center, to Kelburn.

For sure, I really enjoyed my visit to the Cable Car Museum in Kelburn Wellington and I hope I can come back here with my kids. They have been enjoying the trip with Wellington Cable Car as well.

The museum is free of charge and you can definitely buy a lot of interesting souvenirs here. There are cafe shop, perfumerie and more around the area. Really worth a visit!

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