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Throwback Tuesday: Dusk at Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary

"Pak, I want to see the purple sky!" That night, I talked to my husband about our next Easter break trip. 
"Purple sky?", he slightly frowned his face.
"Yuup..I saw it on google images, wonderful purple sky over the Danube. Overlooking this beautiful Parliament House." And I showed him the pictures.
"Aah..Budapest! Off we go there then!" exclaimed my hubby.

Budapest, here we go!

What can I say.
I love looking at all those photos taken during our trips here and there.
And as I haven't really done blogging seriously during that time, I took the liberty to have them posted years after.

Time for Throwback Tuesday, which I haven't done for a while because of,- you know, - my works :).

So are you ready to travel back in time with me?

For this week, I have some snaps from our trip to Budapest, Hungary, back in 2009.
I know...2009.
That was  years ago!
But I still vividly remember our 5 days trip there.

I wrote about our trip to  Budapest in Throwback Tuesday as well before, read that in Fascinating Budapest.

And one of the lovely spots we truly enjoyed taking pictures there is the Buda Castle.

We went to Buda Castle twice during our trip.
One was when it was almost close, and later when it was closed already.
While planning for our next stop, we waited for a while and suddenly the Castle was beautifully lit and voila!
We had the whole place for ourselves :). 

So what do you think?
Dusk at Buda Castle is breathtaking, right?
All photos were taken by my hubby, Rudi Frakarsa (Google Plus +Rudi Frakarsa , IG @frakarsa and twitter @Rfra75).
I was busy nursing Bo as he was just a boy at that time

Happy to be back here again someday!

Do you have some memories to share?
Feel free to join me on Throwback Tuesday as well.