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Colorful Culinary Adventures in The Riverside Market, Christchurch, New Zealand

One of the murals in Riverside Market, Christchurch, New Zealand

Heading to the local market in one particular area is always be my fave and most of the time, it becomes top of my itinerary.

That is exactly what I did during my last visit to Christchurch in the late December 2021. Something popped up and we had a business trip to this wonderful city for about three days. Once we arrived here, one of the place that we visited is the Riverside Market.

Located in the heart of Christchurch Central, easily accessed by any means of transportation including the public ones, Riverside Market has become one of the icons of Christchurch. Here you can find a myriad of wonderful choices of fresh farmers' produce, seafood, cheese, and more, plus delicious menus from different corners of the globes with the high degree of authenticity. 

frozen tempeh..

We also have Indonesian food here, provided by Indo Tempeh, the vendor which supplies tempeh or the soy bean cake with varieties of menus using tempeh and more traditional Indonesian cuisines like nasi kuning, sayur lodeh, sambal goreng tempe, mendoan, tempe bacem and more.  

nasi kuning, anyone?

In terms of food, you can also get popular western food like fried chicken, fish and chips, burgers and steak, as well as more Asian cuisines, like Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Malaysian food, and Turkish, Greek, Italian, Mexican, and more. Healthy choices as well as candies and sweets are also available. 

These cheese twists are super yum!

As I came before Christmas, many festive food, chocolates and cookies are sold by the vendors here. Many of them are colorful and super cute. I also like to accent and the decorations used by each vendor here. It makes the whole ambience of the market rich and vibrant as they bring and infuse their unique, one-of-a-kind touch of home. As for the aroma, it is indeed tantalizing!

Cute gingerbread person

Not to mention various drinks like coffee, bubble tea, ice cream, wine, beer, spirits and more. The bakeries that we have here also provide delicious bread, pastries, pies, biscuits, cookies and anything you can think of. So tempting indeed.

Around the area, particularly the laneway, we also have various shops and I have to admit the summer sales as well as the cute, collectable items from many gifts shops dotting the area, really make me strain my shopping appetite. And it was not that easy LOL. 

Some of the colorful items I love to have 

You will find colorful, brilliant, eye-trickery murals outside of the building as well. Obviously many will love taking pictures here as it's so Instagramable. Those murals are the depiction of the original buildings in the area before the great earthquake hit Christchurch in 2011. The Riverside Market is more than just the market as it stands tall marking the collective efforts of the city as well as the nation to restart building Christchurch after that life-changing disaster.

I managed to get a flat white, cheese bread and croissant, nasi kuning, rendang frozen tempeh, candy, organic butter and souvenirs from this market. Well, it's quite a lot for a short trip to the market. Well, for sure, if you are coming to Christchurch, you cannot miss this place.

WW: Christmas Tree Competition at Wellington International Airport

Here we go...

The wonderful time of the year, especially to those celebrating Christmas and the holiday. 


I have travelled to Christchurch again last week and we flew with Air New Zealand. Like in many places, the holiday vibe is in the air and this is what we have in the airport, Christmas Tree Competition at Wellington International Airport. 

Although I don't celebrate Christmas, but I can feel the joy and am happy as well. 
So, let's see what we have in the airport!

Some are classic, some are cute, and some are purple. Yeaaah

the owl..

Aren't they lovely?

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Happy Holidays from NYC

To those celebrating Christmas, wishing you a wonderful time with your family and your loved ones.

And a blessed New Year for all of us!

Happy Holiday

Wishing you all 
happy holiday and a fabulous year!

May your days always be filled with 
peace, love, joy and prosperity

Cheers from Astoria :)

Holiday season is here...

Holiday season is hereee...

The season of joy :) at 

What a festive month! 
Well, whenever you go here in NYC, burst of red, green, silver and gold are popping up here and there. Blinking lights from trees and windows, piles of glittery colorful gift boxes, and tons of chocolates, candi canes and cookies are such a feast to my eyes.

And although we don't celebrate Christmas, but we do love to see the joyful spirit everywhere. Besides, our neighbors and the owner of the house we've been renting so far always spare their time and give us gifts although we said that we're not celebrating it. So, sharing and caring are indeed the values that we hold dear regardless of your religions or faith.

Aaand.. I got to admit that I really enjoy the sale. 
Big, big sales almost on everything, almost everywhere.

Don't get me wrong.. 
Of course holiday is not about it. But if you can get an extra bonus of saving while you focus and share more attention to your families, friends and people around you, why not :). 

So, one of the 'rituals' that I do before going rampantly buying things is window shopping. Yuuup.. Window shopping! 
I guess I read it somewhere that window shopping is the favorite pastime of all New Yorkers.

Isn't it fun? Or you think it's dangerous as you might be tempted to get things that you don't actually need? To me, it works the other way around. I tend to be more determined in buying certain products (that I have been meaning to buy :)) after strolling around those department stores and shops. I know, it's time consuming and tiring as well, but whenever I have time, I will sneak to those places. It's a like a wonderful intermezzo for me as well.

And you know what.. Those department stores always come up with such a glamorous Christmas decorations. With some fine themes as well, including Peanuts the Movie :).

Wanna see some of them? 
Come and take a closer look.

Macy's is always serious with their xmas decoration

Love the movie? me, too :)

the standard glittering trees my favorite colors :)

Saks Fifth Avenue knows how to build a Winter palace :)
tempted? you're not the only one :)

And I do it online too :). 
Nowadays, who wouldn't do it. 
I gotta say my hubby is even addicted to it as I keep catching him finishing one or two transactions from his smartphone or our computer.  
And even while doing online shopping, I have my window shopping ritual, too. Checking all those websites, clicking links from emails, fetching online coupons and more. 
There are times when I don't really have time to go and mostly stuck at the office, so I use my break to again sneak a peek to those webs :). Naughty me...

Sekarang siapa coba yang tidak pernah belanja online? Rasanya kebanyak dari kita malah sudah ketagihan ya, termasuk saya :). Taburan diskon khusus online, koleksi yang super duper lengkap dan menggiurkan, plus bonus rewards atau gratis ongkir suka membaut saya dan suami gelap mata hihihi..Berawal dari window shopping, berakhir dengan online rampaging :). Habis salah sendiri ngintip-ngintip tempat belanja, begitu kata suami. Kalau alasan klasik saya, kan mumpung diskon besaaar jadi sekalian nyetok. Dan kemudian pusing sendiri dengan tagihan kartu kredit karena nyetoknya berlangsung sepanjang tahun...

But  speaking about online shopping, don't miss the chance to check Zalora :). Its holiday season guide is alluring,  you'll definitely find something for everyone. And pssst...the sale button is always ON here:). No wonder my husband and I have prepared our lists these days. Sort of a list of gifts for ourselves, haha..

So, what do you think about window shopping?  Do you do it as well? 
Or you try to avoid it?
Have you make the most of this holiday season?

Wanna find out what I have successfully shopped so far?
Hmmmm... Kasih tau ngg yaaa :)