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Throwback Tuesday: Duomo, Firenze, Italy

Right before we were heading back to Indonesia from Geneve, we managed to have our Easter Break trip to Firenze and Pisa, Italy.
It was back in 2011.
Bo was merely 4 years old at that time and Obi, my daughter, was a happy 4-month old baby when we made this trip.

Firenze, or Florence, is indeed one of my my favorite Italian cities!
The trip in 2011 was actually my second visit to this fantastic city, as I first came here in 2004 while I was having my internship in Brussels. The magnet of the incredible history, remarkable architectures, top-notch art, delicious culinary and warm-hearted people lured me back to Firenze, this time with my petite family.

Of course, those visiting Firenze can not miss the Duomo.
Florence's most famous Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore.

Please enjoy some photos before I share more stories and details about it.

Here are a few family (and close up) photos we took from our hotel room in Duomo, Firenze, during the trip. We were so lucky we got this room right across this magnificent building.

So that's my little Throwback Tuesday this week.
Have you been to Italy and/or Florence?
Which one is your favorite city?

p.s : I will keep my Throwback Tuesday features but will post it every Wednesday or Thursday :).