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How to Use Stopover Flight to See More Countries

How to Use Stopover Flight to See More Countries
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If you’re a passionate traveler who is constantly on the road, then you probably fly a lot. 
Especially as holiday is coming!
You experienced the struggle of airport processes and long waits, but have you ever asked yourself could you use time spent on an airport in a better way? Imagine you can use time spent on the airport to explore the city where you’re waiting. If that sounds like a thing you'd like to do, then we would like to tell you it’s possible to explore the city where you’re waiting for a connecting flight almost free of cost. 

The answer lies down in using and combining stopover flights when buying the plane ticket. Agness and Cez, two best friends who started with full-time traveling, have an extensive experience in air transportation and they would like to share with you some tips how you can explore more places taking advantage of stopover flights. 
What is a Stopover Flight?
No more long waiting hours between connecting flights. source of image is here
When you’re buying a plane ticket, you probably want to spare some money on it to have a bigger budget during exploration of a new destination. To get the cheaper tickets, you shouldn’t look for direct flights, but instead connecting flights. The ticket will always drop in price that way, but you’ll probably have a layover or stopover at the connecting airport. Why it’s a good thing? Well, if you need to wait more than 12 hours for a connecting flight, you can ask to get a stopover deal from airlines. 
Stopover is the option major airlines offer to their passengers while they’re waiting for the connecting flight. You can usually stay for a few days in the city where the airport is located and airways will cover a transportation and accommodation costs. It means that you’ll have time to explore new destinations on your way to reaching a final destination. It’s a perfect way to explore and experience more. Imagine you have a flight from NYC to Bangkok with the connecting flight to Dubai. If the connection wait is too long, you can have a chance to explore Dubai for a ridiculous amount of money.
How to Plan a Stopover Flight?
Always inform yourself directly with the company about the stopover options. Image source: here
Before buying a plane ticket, let us give you some travel advice

We recommend you to check the official airways websites when looking for the best deals. Majority of these sites has detailed search options with many filters, so you should set the filter to check the flights with connecting flight and wait that is longer than 12 hours in connecting city. That way, you’ll get the list of tickets that could probably lead you to interesting adventure even before you reach the final destination. Some airways will give you a free stopover, while others will provide you everything with a huge discount applied. Before planning a stopover destination, it’s a good thing to ask yourself and make a list of cities you’d like to explore. There is no point of taking advantage of stopover flight if you arrive in the city you don’t have an interest in exploring. Always combine your ticket the way that will give you a chance to explore the city you actually want to experience. When you’re checking different airway websites, it will be hard to navigate stopover options, so we advise you always to call their office and kindly ask them if they have a stopover option available. 
Just think about how many cities and different cultures you can experience if you start getting flight tickets that offer a free stopover!

Airlines That Offer a Free Stopover and Amazing Places You Can Visit Along the Way
Many airlines offer free or low-cost stopover options for travelers who have to wait more than 12 hours for a connecting flight. Each company has different policies regarding stopovers and we would like to list a few and show you the amazing cities you could explore on your way to the last destination.

Explore this beautiful Nordic island country. Image source: here

Imagine exploring the beautiful island country Island on your way to final destination. The country has so much to offer and listed as the most peaceful country in the world. Icelandair offers travelers a completely free stopover that can last up to 7 days. They will cover the costs of transportation from and to the airport as well as accommodation fees. You’ll have enough time to explore breathtaking Geysers, delicious food and beautiful culture. 
Stay in Dubai for up to 4 days and explore the city and culture. Image source: here

If you fly with Emirates, then you’ll pass through Dubai every time on the way to the final destination. They have many different stopover packages available, and they are actually encouraging people to explore the city for a few days. Once you bought a flight ticket, you should contact their local office to add a stopover option to your ticket. Emirates will add some fees depending on the level of service you’re looking for and you’re ready for the exploration of Dubai. Emirates has a deal with major companies that offer different activities and attractions to see, so if you get a stopover through them, you will get significant discounts on these attractions. That’s a perfect way to explore this desert city for an affordable price.
Qatar Airways
 Qatar Airways offers a totally free visa, accommodation and transport Image source: here

If you’re traveling to Asia or Europe, then you should check Qatar Airways as this company has the highest quality service and often low-ticket prices. Also, they are offering different packages of stopovers that can last up to four days. A stopover includes a free visa, transportation and hotel stay for a one night if you’re flying in economy class. Doha is the very exciting city to explore and all the architecture with lights will attract you to explore and experience more from their culture. Also, if you don’t have an option to apply for a stopover, the company offers daily free tours through Doha along with a free transit visa. Ask the airport staff about it and you’re all set. It’s a perfect thing to spend your time if you have a long layover. 

Have you ever took advantage of stopover flights? 
Which airline companies do you recommend?
Happy traveling :)