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New York Sky this Fall


My favorite season.
It's just around the corner and I can't wait to enjoy those magnificent fall foliage New York beautifully offers.

Fall is coming soon :)

It gets red already :)

The blue sky.
Clear blue sky.
Crispy chill air mixed with the chirping sounds of lover birds singing on the redden-leaves tree.
Truly music to my ears :).

we started the ride from my Ambassador's residence :)

We went out to Pelham Bay Park and the Glen Island Park in the surrounding areas near my Ambassador's residence in New Rochelle, New York.
Bo et Obi went out and had fun riding along the Pelham Bay Bike path while Obi and I, together with some friends went to the Glen Island Park only 10 minutes drive from the residence.

And we were blessed with beautiful weather indeed.
It was around 18 degrees C with no wind.
Lucky us!

At the Glen Island the bridge :)
another day with clear blue sky :)
Fall, as always, is successfully stealing my heart :).
Already together with my hubby, we have planned to visit many places to get the beauty of fall folliage this year. We missed that last year as I was in the middle of my chemotheraphy. But I sincerely hope this year we can lure ourselves in the beauty of autumn.
And in relation to that, I also invite everyone to join my #finishthefight #gopink #breastcancerawarenessmonth campaign here :).

clear blue fave :)

Is fall your favorite season as well?

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent view of the sky from different corner of the world ;)

New York Couture Fashion Week 2015 - Photo Gallery

Helloooo thereee...

I am sooo busted.
This week has been so exciting, with sooo many great events to attend and to share with you all here in my blog.

As I have promised before, I am more than happy to share more from the New York Couture Fashion Week 2015.
I have to say it was awesomeeee..

Here are some of the photos I took during the New York Couture Fashion Week 2015..

I managed to watch two shows.
Sushma Patel from USA/India and Diana Coutur by Diana Putri from Indonessia
And Secret Garden by Andres Aquino, the founder of the NY Couture Fashion Week :).
Regretfully, I missed Anniesa Hasibuan and Shafira collections shows :(. Although I managed to see their collection during the Open Trunk Show at the Consulate General of Indonesia in NYC.

All the shows on NYC Couture Fashion Week 2015 were held in Crowne Plaza Times Square New York City.

And sitting there on the front row really gives you a different perspective.

Alhamdulilaaaah bangeeet... saya dapat kesempatan menyaksikan karya keren anak bangsa yang ditampilkan di panggung mewah NYC dan thanks to my sister-in-crime, Chiara Sari, saya duduk di front row pula :).
Alhamdulillaaaaah :).

An array of wonderful designs and artistic works, including from Indonesian Designers, Diana Couture, Anniesa Hasibuan, Shafira and Vicky Shu..

As I watched Diana Couture show, we heard wooow, uuuuh et aaaah along the show as people were simply amazed to see such intricate details.

And another proud moment is when Diana M. Putri, the creative brain behind Diana Couture, won The Best Designer for New York Couture Fashion Week this year ;).. 

Dan saat show kedua yang saya hadiri ternyata berbarengan dengan pengumuman bahwa mba Diana M. Putri terpilih sebagai Best Designer for Spring 2016 with Global Fashion Avenue Award, bangganyaaaa luar biasaa..
Saya langsung loncat dan tepuk tangan yang keraaas hehehehe

Congratulations, Mba Diana :)

Sooo proud :)
Showcasing Garuda, our very own national coat of arms, Diana magically transforms the beauty and strength of this mythical creature into one set of intricate, top-notch, one-of-a-kind Haute Couture..

No wonder she stole the attentions and won the heart of New Yorkers ;).


Super proud indeed.. 

And these are some snaps of her fabulous collection :)..

Diana Couture for NY Couture Fashion Week
the models after the runway..

look at the hair piece
sheer look in vivid imagination...


Mba Diana and the models :)

some of the details :)

The runway....

purple runway :)

The other designers...

Sushma Patel from USA/India

Sushma Patel 

And wait until you see the Trunk Show of these 4 Indonesian Designers joining the New York Fashion Couture Week 2015.

I'll be back with more photos and details for sureeee :)

Weekend at Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania #2..Let it snow..

Haiiiii semua....gimana dengan hari-hari pertama di tahun 2015? 
Mudah-mudahan seru selalu :).

Apalagi sekarang anak-anak sudah back to school...back to work! Semangaaaat...

Untungnya akhir pekan pertama di tahun 2015 menjadi pembuka yang maniiis dan seruuuu buat kami sekeluarga. Wanna know what happened to our first weekend in 2015?

It was jam-packed with fun, endless laughter and great outdoor activities with the kids :).

As I was sharing some stunning morning views and story from Deer Lake at the Lake Wallenpaupack area in Pennsylvania here, we indeed had lovely wintery day last weekend.  

My munchkin and the sunrise...

early morning walk, before the snow came...

We went to Lake Wallenpaupack area with the other 4 families, so it was truly a merry trip :).

After enjoying the sunrise, we had breakfast down stairs with Nasi Uduk, or Indonesian coconut rice, complete with sambal goreng hati or beef liver in chili and coconut milk, fried onion and fresh salad as well as cucumber. Not to forget a jar of sambel roa, a special chili paste adorned with roa fish from Indonesia.

Some of our huge breakfast :)...

I managed to cook them right before heading to Pennsylvania and packed them up in our car :).  All I had to do was warm them up and voilaaa...we all had lovely breakfast that Saturday.

bon appetite everyoneeee...

Then, as rightly predicted, the snow started at around 11 am. The kids were sooo excited, they just couldn't wait for a while until the snow was tick enough for them to play. 

Meanwhile, the lake was fully frozen as well. 

After around 1 hour, we couldn't hold the kids any longer. After making sure that they all dressed properly and warm enough to play the snow,  off they went to the back yard and enjoyed the snow. 

Bo was exploring the area...wanting so much to enjoy his snow slides :)

Look who's having sooo much fun :)

catch meeee...

my big boy :)

Obi and friends were busy 'cooking'...making come snowy cupcakes and plates of snowy food :)

want some, ma? :)

Obi et bebe :)

We also had lovely photo session during the snow :)


more photo session...

getting ready :)

Baby miles and his fans :)

Everyone was happy...look at our cheerful faces :)

Hours after that, time to call it a day and get snug inside the house again.
We had great dinner with rendang, or Indonesian famous spicy beef in coconut milk, and sambal ijo, or green chili. Too bad I didn't take puctures of the those yummy food :). I was so busy eating LoL :p.

Then later that night, everyone was sooo tired but the kids just simply wanted to sleep all together. So they all snugged in the living room and slept peacefully :)

nite, niteee kiddos :)
It was indeed a beautiful weekend...
And spending it with people you love makes it even more beautiful.

I hope it will be a good start of 2015...
Again...have a fabulous new year, peopleeee...