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A Visit to Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

"This is the place where Canadians continue to gather, discuss, debate, define, decide and celebrate..."
Our guide introduced our official tour at the Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada, that day.
"Sitting in the Capital City of Canada, Parliament Hill is the symbolic heart of Canada."
"Today, we are going to see some of the important parts of this historical building" said our guide while escorting us to the Centre block of the Parliament Hill.
Let's take a closer look...


Welcome to the Parliament Hill

Hi there...

I'm back with more stories from our Spring Break road trip this year.
After sharing our trip to Québec City and Montréal, Ottawa is next on our itinerary.
Another 2 hours ride from Montréal, we arrived at Ottawa in the afternoon and my kids just directly dragged me to the water park at our hotel, the Travelodge Ottawa. Will share more on that property indeed.

So, after a great night sleep (after spending hours at the waterpark >_<) and the kids enjoyed their lovely free continental breakfast, we headed downtown to meet our dearest friends, Dinie Aldi and her family, who was posted in our Embassy in Canada. Another round of Indonesian delicious breakfast (seriously, lontong sayur will never fail me! Thanks a million, Dinie :) and we made our brief stop at the Embassy as well. It was great to stop by here and had a quick tour. I's a beautiful Embassy and I pray one day I get a chance to be posted here as well. Amen. 

Just before midday, we arrived at the Parliament Hill, Ottawa, to pick up our free tour ticket. You only need to go the office right across the street to get your free ticket for an hour tour at the Parliament Hill. Nice, rights.

Before the tour started, we took the liberty to take pictures here and there as this place is indeed packed with historical landmarks. The Centennial Flame, for example. 

The Centennial Flame

Ignited just before the new year eve of 31 December 1966, the Flame was lit by Lester B. Pearson, Canadian Prime Minister at that time. As you notice from my photo above, it has 12 bronze shields of provinces and territories in Canada in 1967.

Bo posing behind the Flame

We also took some pictures at the West Block as well as War of 1812 monument, Triumph through Diversity.

War of 1812 Monument.

We got our 2 PM tour and after the security screening at the main entrance, we started our tour inside the Parliament. Our guide (I feel bad for not remembering her name!) started the tour with some basic information about the Parliament and what we would see during the tour, which among others, included the House of Commons, the Senate Chambers, the Library of Parliament, as well as the Hall of Honor and the Peace Tower, to those who have extra time to climb up.

I couldn't remember all the stories for sure I took my time to take pictures of this impressive building. As the iconic part of this Parliament complex, the Centre Block has undergone several renovation as well as rehabilitation to ensure this Gothic Revival style building remains at its prime condition.

Under this ceiling, we heard more stories about the Parliament and its history


I was hoping PM Trudeau would pass by but apparently he was abroad for a commemoration of the Vimy Ridge war in France as that time. 

Here's the House of Commons which we took pictures from its locked entrance.

One of the most impressive part of this complex is the Library of Parliament.
I love to see the heavily decorated dome, valuable books and documents, the classic wooden book racks and benches, plus the statue of young Queen Victoria elegantly posed in the middle of it.

the white marble Queen Victoria

The dome

And finally, we got to see the impressive Senate Chamber.
Dominated with red, I love to see all those detailed on its leathered seats, wall dividers, and even the ceilings.

Our tour inside the Parliament Hill was concluded and as I have shared before, we went up to the Peace Tower and took amazing view of the surrounding areas from high above.

And before exiting the building, we took a solemn look at the Memorial Chamber, a commemoration to those who died in military services for Canada.

To those who rested in peace..

And that concluded our visit to parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.
I have to say that this place is highly recommended to those visiting the capital city of Canada, Ottawa.
So, what do you think? What is your favorite part?
Will you visit Parliament Hill if you get a chance to come to Ottawa?

Ottawa from Above

A few pictures of Ottawa from above which I took during our tour to the Parliament Hill, including the Peace Tower.

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WW: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

A sneak peak to our tour at the Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Welcome to the Parliament Hill, Ottawa
We had a wonderful tour inside and it is truly one magnificent architecture.

the Peace tower..

the ceiling..

All of these are taken using my phone. For sure, I will post more so wait for more photos and complete story :)

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